Miami’s own Hello™, a frontrunner in the personalised health and wellness arena, proudly announces the successful closure of a £4 million self-secured pre-seed funding round. This landmark financial achievement underscores the organisation’s zeal for innovating within the wellness and weight loss industry via advanced GLP-1 medication therapies and a platform powered by artificial intelligence.

This significant infusion of capital equips Hello™ to redefine the contours of weight management. The company’s pioneering strategy blends the forefront of medical research with personalised lifestyle adaptations, offering a tailor-made wellness route for each participant.

“Our mission statement at Hello™ is to redefine what it means to achieve wellness and weight loss. The confidence shown by our investors enables us to accelerate our mission, enhancing our capabilities to deliver personalized, effective, and science-backed weight loss solutions. We’re not just creating a product; we’re creating a movement towards a healthier future for everyone.”

The investment is earmarked for the enhancement of Hello’s unique technology, the expansion of its cadre of specialists, and the amplification of its outreach to those embarking on a scientifically anchored, personalised weight loss odyssey. Hello™ is dedicated to delivering beyond mere weight loss fixes; it aims to catalyse a profound lifestyle metamorphosis.

Throughout its exclusive beta phase, Hello™ has substantiated the efficacy of its programme, witnessing thousands of U.S. patrons achieve significant and enduring weight reduction. With its transition to public availability, the firm is set to widen its influence, propelling its pioneering wellness and weight loss paradigm to a more extensive audience nationwide.