Tim Angel visit & Thank you Tim Video-Creative

ZUGU Case, known for its top-rated iPad cases, is delighted to announce a significant achievement in its philanthropic journey. Since its inception in 2007, founder Tim Angel has been a fervent supporter of Children International, dedicating 10% of ZUGU’s profits to the charity. This commitment has culminated in contributions exceeding $1 million, significantly impacting the lives of thousands of children in poverty worldwide, fostering a break in the cycle of poverty and offering transformative opportunities.

Championing Education and Emotional Well-being

ZUGU’s charitable ethos is grounded in the principle of empowering individuals with the skills needed for gainful employment, thus breaking the poverty cycle—akin to the adage of teaching someone to fish to feed them for life. Tim Angel’s passion for making a difference commenced with individual sponsorships of children through Children International in 2007. His dedication has since expanded, supporting 42 children directly and providing them with essential services such as medical care, educational support, life skills, and job training up to their graduation.

A key initiative supported by ZUGU is the “Into Employment” program, including the comprehensive workforce development training and tertiary educational scholarships. Through the HOPE scholarships, ZUGU has enabled 965 young individuals to pursue studies in their chosen fields, setting them on paths to stable careers and self-sufficiency.

Furthermore, ZUGU Case has been instrumental in mental health initiatives, with the Emotional Well-Being Program reaching nearly 6,000 youths. This initiative leverages art and music to teach vital skills in resilience, self-care, and coping, preparing them to tackle life’s challenges.

Advocating for Community Transformation

The company’s commitment to community upliftment was highlighted by its support for rebuilding the Community Center in Colombia, known as Santa Rosa. The center’s opening on March 25, 2021, stands as a testament to ZUGU’s dedication to enacting positive change within communities.

ZUGU’s contribution also includes the donation of 250 tablets, enhancing educational access for disadvantaged students by providing them with digital learning tools and connectivity.

Reflecting on the journey, Tim Angel said, “Our journey with Children International and other initiatives has been incredibly rewarding. We believe in giving back to the community and creating lasting change. The milestones we’ve achieved together inspire us to continue making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.”

ZUGU Case extends an invitation to its customers, partners, and the broader community to celebrate this philanthropic milestone and to continue supporting Children International and initiatives that have a profound impact on children and families across the globe.

For more information about ZUGU Case’s charitable initiatives, please visit the ZUGU Case Give Back Charity Campaign.