IBSA UK, part of the IBSA Group known for its healthcare innovation, is excited to announce a new selection of products targeting musculoskeletal ailments, with a special focus on Osteoarthritis through SINOVIAL®.

This innovative development in viscosupplementation introduces solutions to fill the treatment void in osteoarthritis care that lies between conservative management and surgical procedures.

Featuring an advanced formula, the SINOVIAL® series merges cutting-edge proprietary technologies with the latest discoveries in viscosupplementation, aiming to improve the quality of life for the estimated 10 million people in the UK affected by arthritis. Through significant investment in research and development, IBSA has produced a range of products that redefine standards of efficacy and patient satisfaction.

Principal Characteristics of the SINOVIAL® Series:

  • Advanced Composition: SINOVIAL® utilises a patented blend of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid or sodium chondroitin, bonded through hydrogen using the innovative NAHYCO® technology. This ensures enhanced joint support and lubrication at higher concentrations.
  • Optimum Viscosity: The unique formulation of SINOVIAL® with NAHYCO® technology guarantees ease of injection and extended comfort for the patient.
  • Replication of Synovial Fluid: SINOVIAL® closely mimics the natural synovial fluid’s cushioning and lubrication, offering sustained joint protection and pain relief, thus providing ongoing ease for osteoarthritis patients.

Dr. Charlotte Fairweather, Medical Director of IBSA UK, stated, “The Sinovial range is a leap forward in addressing the unmet needs of patient suffering with osteoarthritis, providing them with increased comfort and mobility. This unique formulation will provide an additional non-pharmacological management option for healthcare providers.”

Kirsty Walker, Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner at IBSA UK, added, “The Sinovial range is an exciting development for both patients and clinicians managing osteoarthritis in the U.K. The formulation of Sinovial products provides greater opportunity for people to exercise with osteoarthritis with less pain and improved mobility, which could keep their joint healthier for longer.”

To discover more about the SINOVIAL® range and IBSA UK, please visit www.sinovial.co.uk.