iCareBilling Seeks Justice in Legal Battle with Dabney Behavioral Health

Medical billing companies often find themselves entangled in a challenging web of outstanding invoices, chasing clients who neglect their financial obligations. The ordeal of collecting payments becomes an uphill battle, with some clients choosing to ignore their bills, leaving billing companies in precarious financial positions. In the midst of this industry-wide struggle, iCareBilling, a Chicago-based healthcare IT company, has taken a decisive step to address these issues head-on.

In an unprecedented move, iCareBilling LLC has initiated legal action against Dabney Behavioral Health, a healthcare practice based in Chicago, over unpaid invoices exceeding $15,000. The lawsuit, filed in the Chancery Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, marks a significant moment as iCareBilling seeks to recover outstanding payments and uphold contractual agreements.

Represented by the LAW OFFICES OF EDWARD P. GRAHAM, LTD., iCareBilling, under the leadership of Mr. Israr Kazmi, CEO, has identified Corey and Cynthia Dabney Behavioral Health Hospital DBA Dabney Behavioral Health as the sole defendant in this commercial case. The legal action alleges a breach of a longstanding business relationship, highlighting the defendant’s failure to settle outstanding invoices for medical billing services provided under a 2021 contract.

The dispute stemmed from a sudden halt in payments by Dabney Behavioral Health, mere months before terminating services. Despite non payment of invoices by the healthcare practice, iCareBilling continued providing their committed services up until termination letter was received. The situation escalated when Dabney Behavioral Health unilaterally terminated the agreement without addressing the accumulating debt, insisting that further communication should involve legal counsel.

Despite numerous attempts to resolve the matter amicably, including a demand letter sent on Oct 02 of the previous year, Dabney Behavioral Health remained unresponsive to iCareBilling’s pleas for resolution. Now, iCareBilling, spearheaded by Entrepreneur, Businessman, and Investor, Mr. Israr Kazmi, has turned to legal channels in pursuit of justice, aiming to recover overdue payments and any applicable late fees specified in the agreement.

According to the court public record, the case, assigned to Honorable Catherine A. Schneider, Circuit Judge at Circuit Court of Cook County, State of Illinois, United States, is scheduled for a court hearing on March 18, 2024. This legal development underscores the challenges faced by healthcare IT companies like iCareBilling in navigating financial disputes within the industry. As the legal battle unfolds, all eyes are on the outcome, which could potentially reshape the landscape of medical billing practices.