Today marks a significant milestone in cybersecurity for businesses of all scales, as Control D, leveraging Windscribe VPN’s extensive security experience, introduces ‘Control D for Organisations’. This innovative DNS service is designed to make advanced cybersecurity measures available to every business, from nascent startups to well-established SMBs and MSPs.

By utilising the vast capabilities of the largest physical VPN network in the world, Control D is set to empower businesses that have historically been without such sophisticated cybersecurity defenses, providing them with the means to navigate the challenges of cyber threats and global surveillance effectively.

‘Control D for Organisations’ is tailored to the needs of various organisations, including companies, schools, and NGOs, offering:

  1. Malware Blocking: Utilises advanced, in-house developed detection methods to shield businesses from malicious threats, enabling protection for individual devices or entire networks within minutes.
  2. Multi-Tenancy: Facilitates the management of complex access and filtering policies across different segments of large organisations or service providers, such as departments, subsidiaries, or customer accounts.
  3. Modern Protocols: With the understanding that traditional DNS protocols fall short in security assurance, Control D embraces all the latest encrypted protocols, including DNS-over-HTTPS/3 and DNS-over-TLS.
  4. Custom Filtering: Provides comprehensive filtering capabilities, from detailed controls for advanced users to simple, curated lists for those new to DNS security, ensuring optimal protection with ease.
  5. Actionable Insights: Offers in-depth analytics on network activity, aiding businesses in fortifying their security frameworks and making well-informed decisions.

‘Control D for Organisations’ signifies a breakthrough in cybersecurity, asserting that top-tier digital protection should be universally accessible, allowing every organisation to defend their operations and data with utmost assurance.