Exec Capital is expanding its fractional team capabilities, introducing specialised recruitment solutions for an array of executive roles. Following the successful rollout of fractional CEO positions in 2023, which aimed at making leading professionals more accessible to start-ups and SMEs, the service now extends to include other key executive roles such as CMOs and CFOs.

Exec Capital is leading the charge in the executive recruitment sector, meeting the increasing demand for flexible employment solutions from both candidates and employers.

The company delivers a customised recruitment experience, featuring a diverse array of solutions including executive searches and the headhunting of specific roles. These services enable the recruitment of executives for top-tier positions on a fractional basis, for one to four days per week, on short or long-term contracts. This model is ideal for companies in stages of rapid growth or those looking for a cost-effective way to grow their leadership team.

Studies indicate a 20% rise in the recruitment of fractional executives from 2022 to 2023, a trend expected to continue. The shift towards part-time and fractional positions is facilitating a better balance between professional and personal life for executives. Fractional hiring allows companies to access premier talent while avoiding the risk of executive burnout.

With no long-term commitment required, fractional executives offer companies the chance to evaluate candidates before making a permanent hiring decision. Various sectors are turning to fractional hiring as a financially viable method to secure skilled talent. This method can be used to fill skill gaps or temporarily replace employees who are absent.

Fractional recruitment for C-suite roles is particularly attractive to professionals changing industries, allowing those from diverse backgrounds to gain experience in specialised areas. Exec Capital has noted an uptick in professionals shifting between industries and specialities.

The ‘fractional executive’ is not only appealing to those ascending the career ladder but also to seasoned professionals in the later stages of their career seeking more flexibility and new challenges. Exec Capital’s fractional team boasts specialists with sector-specific expertise, from logistics to finance professionals.

To learn more about Exec Capital and its executive team, please visit www.execcapital.co.uk.