This festive season, AI ART GENERATOR is thrilled to announce a special treat for its customers: a marked decrease in prices, making the joy of giving personalised art gifts more attainable and wallet-friendly. In the spirit of Christmas and the pleasure of gifting, AI ART GENERATOR aims to make your loved ones feel exceptionally valued with distinctive, AI-designed art pieces.

Continuing its success in eco-friendly, smartphone-compatible offerings, AI ART GENERATOR is altering the landscape of gift-giving. This reduction in prices is intended to democratise the wonder of bespoke art, ensuring that the allure and singularity of AI-crafted artwork are shared during this festive period.

The collaboration with HP remains a key aspect of its service, highlighted by the advanced features of HP’s Latex technology. This environmentally considerate method allows printing on various surfaces, enabling custom designs to shine with supreme quality and endurance. HP Latex inks, mainly water-based, ensure that the prints are not only superior in quality but also kind to the environment.

The AI ART GENERATOR process remains as straightforward and user-centric as before:

  • Create: Design your AI-generated art piece on your mobile phone, customising it to your liking and the special occasion.
  • Print: With HP’s eco-conscious technology, your design becomes a magnificent, enduring work of art.
  • Send: Benefit from free delivery, guaranteeing your personalised art arrives in time for Christmas celebrations.

Perfect for those in search of meaningful, yet affordable Christmas gifts. Whether it’s for beautifying a residence, adding a personal touch to an office, or delighting someone dear, AI-generated artworks provide a fusion of grace, innovation, and environmental mindfulness.

Discover AI ART GENERATOR’s diverse artwork assortment on their Instagram @artgeneratorai_art. Each creation, from abstract to lifelike, has a unique story, illustrating the potential of AI in art production.

Thanks to the partnership with HP, the company has extended its offerings to include diverse uses such as business branding and interior decorating. HP Latex technology ensures these exclusive designs are ideal for both commercial and private environments.

Customers are also welcome to try AI ART GENERATOR’s no-cost design trials. Explore different choices, visualise your concepts, and ensure contentment with every purchase.

Celebrate this festive season with AI ART GENERATOR’s affordable, customised art. Check out their website or Instagram page for latest updates.