Caira stands as a pioneering AI platform, designed to provide the acumen and clarity of a King’s Counsel at a significantly lower cost. Available for a modest monthly fee, as opposed to the steep £2,500/hour rate, it aims to simplify and make the child arrangement order process more emotionally manageable for parents.

Specially crafted for the family court of England and Wales, the beta version of Caira was launched in November 2023. It offers immediate access without the need for registration. Start a conversation with Caira at:

Precision without Experimentation: Caira was developed through meticulous efforts over months, and released only after attaining our lofty standards of functionality. Outshining ChatGPT4 and other AI platforms, Caira is exceptional in:

  • Applicability to family law in England and Wales.
  • Rapid and accurate responses.
  • Accurate citation of case law and statutes.
  • Speaking with genuine empathy and human-like mannerisms.

Judge-Level Expertise Caira delivers a range of insights and legal precedents, assisting solicitors, barristers, and judges in various tasks, from predicting case outcomes to preparing for cross-examinations. Consider Caira as vital as a calculator is to a maths professor or a grammar/spell checker to a newspaper editor.

Privacy as a Priority Following the Courts and Tribunal Judiciary’s advice on AI usage by judicial office holders, released on December 12th, 2023, Caira’s commitment to privacy is paramount. During its beta phase, conversations are not recorded, nor are they accessible to us. Moreover, we guarantee to never:

  • Employ your conversations for training our AI.
  • Share conversations with third parties.
  • Grant third-party access to your dialogues.

Converse with Caira now at