Global Telco Consult (GTC), a distinguished business messaging consultancy, proudly announces its recent acquisition of Lookout, a Dubai-based specialist recruitment agency. This strategic move marks a pivotal expansion in GTC’s portfolio, introducing bespoke recruitment services to cater to the burgeoning needs of customers in the ever-changing telecom industry.

Lookout, known for its exceptional track record in linking top-tier talent with leading companies across various sectors, including telecommunications, technology, and fintech, is a notable addition to GTC. Their commitment to tailoring recruitment strategies across all levels, emphasising diversity and inclusion, aligns seamlessly with GTC’s ethos.

This acquisition ushers in a new division within GTC, specialising in recruitment strategy consultation, particularly for high-level positions. This development significantly enhances GTC’s reach within the telecommunications field, adding to its current consultancy and managed services offerings. Serving major clients such as Vodafone, Bayobab, and iBASIS, GTC now deepens its service market expertise with this merger.

Marilo Garcia Martin, the CEO of Lookout, steps into the role of Chief People Officer at GTC, bringing a wealth of experience spanning over a decade. Her insights will play a crucial role in shaping GTC’s expanded human resources and recruitment strategies.

José García, Founder and CEO of GTC, shared his excitement about the acquisition: “From the outset, our customers have expressed a need for comprehensive recruitment services. With the acquisition of Lookout, we’re not only meeting this demand but also significantly enhancing our capabilities in the CPaaS market. This step is a testament to GTC’s commitment to inorganic growth and our strategy to widen our service portfolio through synergistic acquisitions.”

In agreement, Marilo Garcia Martin, CEO of Lookout, commented on the acquisition’s importance: “The acquisition of Lookout by GTC is a landmark move, signifying a powerful alignment of our expertise in recruitment with GTC’s prowess in business messaging solutions. This step catapults us into a new era of global influence and innovation. We are invigorated by the potential to drive exponential growth and redefine industry boundaries. Together, we are committed to harnessing this synergy to scale new heights in both recruitment and business messaging consultancy. This acquisition is not just a strategic decision; it’s a leap towards a future of expanded possibilities and shared success.”

The acquisition, now under the GTC brand, reflects GTC’s dedication to inorganic growth, aiming to diversify its service offerings and enhance its expertise in the dynamic CPaaS sector. This strategic step strengthens GTC’s role as an all-encompassing solutions provider in the telecom industry.