Exo Mindset, an industry leader in software engineering and development, has proudly achieved certification as a Great Place to Work.

Remarkably scoring 98% in the overall trust index, Exo Mindset has significantly exceeded the minimum standard of 70%. The assessment process by Great Place to Work rigorously reviews employee feedback on five key values essential to an organisation’s triumph: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie.

This landmark achievement underscores Exo Mindset’s commitment to its team’s well-being and its effort to cultivate an environment where every voice is heard and respected. This culture has substantially fostered a strong sense of unity among team members, promoting a well-balanced work-life ethos.

“The pinnacle of success for any organisation lies in earning the distinction of being an exceptional workplace in the eyes of our team members,” expressed Leonardo Milocco, Chief Operations Officer at Exo. “It’s essential for us to gauge how well we’ve succeeded in this regard and to identify key areas where we can continue to elevate our performance, not only as a company but as a community of innovative thinkers.”

Exo Mindset, with a significant presence in Latin America and the United States and a key office in Barcelona, caters to a varied clientele across the Americas, Europe, and Australia. Comprising a team of 115 highly competent professionals, Exo Mindset is at the helm of providing superior solutions.

For further information about Exo Mindset, please access www.exomindset.co.