Seven Seas Worldwide is guiding prospective UK residents on how to avoid customs tax during their move by applying for a ToR1 form. The ToR1 form is pivotal for those looking to permanently move to the UK, providing a tax break on a broad spectrum of personal items, from household furniture to vehicles.

Seven Seas Worldwide, with over 25 years of experience in relocation services, is an expert on the ToR1 form, offering insights on everything from the application process to the expected waiting period for approval.

The ToR1 form, an essential document for importing unaccompanied personal belongings to the UK, can be applied for electronically on the HMRC website. Applicants must provide detailed information and evidence of their move.

To be eligible for ToR1, the applicant must intend to reside in the UK, own the shipped goods for at least six months, and import them within a year of their arrival.

The processing of a ToR1 application can take from two to six weeks, depending on how accurately it’s filled out. Early and meticulous applications can result in faster approvals.

Selecting the right moving company is key to a hassle-free move to the UK. Companies with long-standing experience, multilingual customer service, online tracking, packing materials, and customs handling should be prioritised.

John Henderson, Managing Director at Seven Seas Worldwide, advises: “I strongly encourage our customers to leverage the ToR1 process for tax relief on personal effects when shipping to the UK. It’s not just a financial advantage; it’s a seamless way to ensure a smoother transition, making your move a truly stress-free experience.”

Seven Seas Worldwide offers a detailed guide to ToR1 for anyone interested in duty-free shipping to the UK.