Paige British, a 28-year-old Cheshire-based model, boldly proclaims she is “filled with plastic” after a staggering 14 surgeries, dedicating £40,000 of that to breast enhancements. Her dramatic transformation has not just captured media attention but also sparked debate over societal views and personal choices in aesthetic modifications.

Recently, Paige journeyed to Los Angeles, USA, where she invested £17,000 to increase her cup size from H to I. This latest procedure pushed her total spending on beauty enhancements to a striking £80,000.

Since returning to the UK, Paige reveals that her enhanced bust often becomes a point of contention, especially among women who she feels look at her with envy. Despite her significant Instagram following of 271,000 (@paigebritish), Paige admits facing constant judgment, even when dressed modestly.

In response to the backlash, Paige says, “Other women are threatened. They are just jealous. I dress rather modestly, too, but I can’t escape the judgmental glances and looks. And the people who have the gumption to say nasty comments online ask, ‘What have I done to myself?’ They tell me they are disgusted. But there’s always going to be haters, and I’m not bothered about offending anyone.”

Despite criticism, Paige, who recently recovered from her latest surgery, is planning her next aesthetic modification. Her current cup size, double the UK average of DD, reflects her commitment to her unique look.

Paige concedes that her choice comes with physical drawbacks, commenting, “I get back pain from them due to the size, but in my eyes, it’s all worth it. It’s like an addiction.”

She also acknowledges her husband’s unwavering support through her journey, stating, “My husband has always been a fan. He was with me before any surgery and has supported me the whole time, and loved me then and now.”

Now the primary earner, Paige earns £80,000 monthly from her online presence. Her recent Ferrari purchase underscores her success and financial autonomy.