The current workplace scenario is witnessing a substantial shift, impacting both building owners and occupants. In the United States, the office vacancy rate has reached an all-time high of 18.2% in the second quarter, a figure unseen in three decades. Additionally, office attendance has decreased by 30% compared to the pre-pandemic era. This situation underscores the need for a connected, fluid workplace experience to bolster engagement, retention, and occupancy levels.

As indicated in JLL’s Future of Work Survey, a commanding 77% of enterprises agree that providing remote and hybrid work options is critical in attracting and retaining exceptional talent. With a growing demand for versatile workplaces that offer hybrid and coworking options, companies are encountering various challenges. It’s crucial for managers to ensure that the workplace operates efficiently, enhancing both flexibility and productivity. A significant challenge in this domain is the lack of seamless integration between physical and digital workspaces, highlighting the demand for a workplace where technology and environment merge to improve efficiency, security, and user engagement.

The Evolution of Workspaces in the Connected Age

Integrating systems is more than just a technical task; it involves creating a symbiotic ecosystem that harnesses technology to enable smooth, intuitive user interactions. This results in heightened building automation, improved visitor experiences, and streamlined access management. Investing in a connected workplace solution that ensures such smooth integration leads to a more cohesive user experience, cultivating a relationship of simplicity and trust, supported by secure, reliable systems.

With the rise in demand for hybrid work models, businesses are seeking innovative solutions that integrate effortlessly with their current software systems. These solutions are tailored to address the unique challenges of today’s work environment, focusing on creating spaces that are adaptable, efficient, and conducive to effective teamwork.

Sentry Interactive: Leading the Way in Integrated Workplace Solutions

Sentry Interactive is at the forefront of the evolving workplace software solutions industry. It provides an advanced connected workplace experience by integrating with coworking and flex space management software, tenant experience apps, and smart building ESG-focused platforms through its Software Development Kit (SDK).

The company marries intuitive design with the latest technology to offer a range of solutions that form a unified platform. This platform is designed to streamline workplace operations, reduce costs associated with front desk activities, and enhance investment returns.

This comprehensive solution includes front desk operations, facilities management, digital communications, a digital receptionist, and advanced calendar integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. It also provides mobile access compatible with existing access control hardware, eliminating the need for new hardware installations. The result is a seamless, industry-leading experience for front desk staff, tenants, employees, and visitors.

Unique to Sentry Interactive, this solution ingeniously integrates mobile access and visitor check-in with calendar functionalities. This enhances the management of scheduling, visitor handling, and building access in today’s ever-evolving workspaces, ensuring effective visitor and appointment management and optimizing front desk and space resources.

With the integration of NFC Technology, the platform provides seamless mobile access for users of iPhones and Android devices, ensuring compatibility with major legacy access control systems. This not only creates a unified user experience but also streamlines access control for managers, proving essential in modern, connected work environments.

Sentry Interactive also offers a variety of hardware solutions powered by its award-winning software platform. The Edge is an adaptable 8″ multi-touch screen device, suitable for wall or counter-top mounting. The premium 55″ touch screen Tower redefines front desk operations, improving the experience in lobbies and receptions, and ensuring a solid return on investment.

As an integral integration partner for PropTech companies, access control OEM manufacturers, the wider security industry, and businesses navigating the modern workplace, Sentry Interactive’s ‘Connected Workplace Experience’ is more than just robust and dependable; it’s innovative and geared to empower organisations for a seamless transition into a new era of work.

For more information on how Sentry Interactive’s Connected Workplace Experience platform offers secure, efficient, and seamless workplace solutions, contact the Sentry Interactive team here.