from left to right: Scott Mantle, Corporate Business Manager, Imaging, 3M Health Information Systems; Simon McCulloch, Country Lead AUS/NZ, Clinician Solutions, 3M Health Information Systems; Peter Vanovertveld, Co-CEO, Smart Reporting; Lynn Nero, Senior Product Owner, Imaging, 3M Health Information Systems; Wieland Sommer, Founder and Co-CEO, Smart Reporting; Erik Van Hoeymissen, VP of Global Business Development, Clinician Solutions; 3M Health Information Systems, Russ Cardwell, National Sales Executive, Imaging, 3M Health Information Systems; Doug Gilbert, Senior Implementation Manager, 3M Health Information Systems.

Smart Reporting, a prominent German technology provider in radiology and pathology reporting, has announced an expanded collaboration with 3M Health Information Systems (HIS). This partnership, building upon their existing international reseller agreement, now extends to the United States. It aims to provide 3M Fluency for Imaging customers in North America with advanced technological solutions for more efficient, data-driven radiology reporting.

AI’s role in diagnostic imaging and the use of real-world data is crucial for enhancing patient care and transforming healthcare systems globally. Smart Reporting offers necessary solutions for this transformation, including a voice-enabled synoptic reporting solution that allows for automation and actionable data collection. This vendor-neutral offering is applicable across various clinical areas, integrating outputs from AI for automated workflows and extracting relevant information from major manufacturers’ systems.

Smart Reporting’s software, available in nine languages, is used by over 16,000 clinicians worldwide, offering time efficiency through AI and automated workflow integration.

The collaboration with 3M HIS strengthens Smart Reporting’s presence in English-speaking countries, especially in North America, Australia, and the UK. 3M Fluency for Imaging, a leader in radiology reporting and workflow management, is ranked #1 Best in KLAS for Front-End Speech Recognition Imaging for multiple years.

Professor Wieland Sommer, founder and Co-CEO of Smart Reporting, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are very excited about this deeper collaboration between our two companies. 3M Fluency for Imaging complements our portfolio and enables us to better serve U.S. and international clients and patients.”

Peter Vanovertveld, Co-CEO of Smart Reporting, added, “Our both solutions span the entire clinical documentation lifecycle, which means the drive to quality without compromising efficiency is central to all our services. Together we are forming a basis for successful worldwide distribution – for the benefit of our clients and patients.”

Michael Ristau, 3M HIS Vice President Global Marketing and International Growth Officer, highlighted the partnership’s aim: “We are focused on bringing greater efficiency and innovation into the reporting workflow and this collaboration increases the number of radiologists who can benefit from our leading-edge solutions worldwide.”