Next Health, acclaimed for its innovative approaches to health optimisation and longevity, is preparing to establish its presence in Australia.

Already a trailblazer in the US wellness industry, Next Health Australia is set to expand its footprint with 20 new sites over the next six years. This expansion is underpinned by a master franchise agreement, entrusted to an Australian team led by Dr. Kelly Francis in the role of Chief Medical Officer. Margie Baldock, CEO of Next Health Australia and a seasoned biohacker of 20 years, alongside Graham Staerk, a professional with four decades of experience in political campaigning, corporate lobbying, and public relations, will spearhead public relations and marketing.

Their collective expertise spans the medical, property, marketing, and government relations sectors. The inaugural Next Health centre is on track to open in 2024, promising to revolutionise the Australian wellness industry.

Scott Svilich, COO of Next Health and an expert in franchise development, is guiding this expansion. He shared his excitement about the venture: “I’m thrilled that we’ve found the ideal operating partners who also share our core values and mission to bring Next Health to Australia. With their dedication and aligned mission, I’m confident that our collaboration will be a great success. We look forward to introducing Next Health’s pioneering longevity services to 20 key Australian markets.”

Next Health’s rise in popularity in the longevity field is in part due to its cutting-edge facilities, which offer a fresh take on traditional healthcare environments. These spaces are designed to be universally appealing, merging wellness with modern aesthetics. Clients benefit from a data-driven approach to health and access to a range of advanced medical services. Next Health’s model is unique, based on membership and a proprietary customer journey, leading to strong economic performance per unit.

In light of the Australian expansion, Next Health Founders, Dr. Darshan Shah (CEO) and Kevin Peake (President), expressed their enthusiasm: “People globally are placing an unprecedented emphasis on their overall health well-being. Our Australian partners recognise this burgeoning demand for diagnostic and preventative health solutions, and we’re thrilled to introduce our best-in-class approach and technologies to Australia, marking a new era in wellness and longevity. Witnessing the life-changing results in the United States has been immensely rewarding. We’re dedicated to helping individuals achieve their optimal health and well-being, and we’re confident that our expansion into Australia will bring about remarkable changes in the lives of many.”

The impact of Next Health is evident, with endorsements from notable figures like Orlando Bloom, a long-term client, who has recently invested in the company. This investment highlights the transformative effect Next Health has on its clients and its growing prominence.

The first Next Health Australia location is expected to open its doors in 2024, with potential sites including prime retail areas in the Gold Coast and Sydney.