RECnGO, renowned for its cutting-edge mobile-first video production technology, has announced an update to its Mac dashboard, revolutionising the video creation process. This update seamlessly integrates mobile devices with traditional MICL/DSLR cameras, allowing for a lighter, yet high-quality setup. Following the success of its iOS app, which garnered over 250,000 users since its 2022 launch, this latest development caters to semi-pro and professional videographers seeking to streamline their gear.

Greg Szél, CEO of RECnGO, highlighted the update’s significance, stating, “This update to our Mac dashboard signifies a major leap in mobile-first video production technology.” Gábor Schwarz, CRO of RECnGO and former executive at UStream, added, “Our aim is to bridge the gap between mobile and professional-grade cameras, offering creators an unparalleled level of flexibility and creative control in their videography.”

Key Features of the Mac Dashboard:

  • Hybrid Integration: Combining MICL/DSLR and action cameras with smartphones and tablets for versatile multi-camera-angle shooting.
  • Enhanced Control: Full management of video setups from Mac, including traditional and mobile devices.
  • Live Production Features: Real-time editing with text, images, and layers for broadcast-quality content.
  • Built-in Audio Mixer: Independent sound adjustment and balancing for each device.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Reduced reliance on heavy gear, ensuring cost-effective production without quality compromise.

This update is a boon for content creators, filmmakers, and digital marketers seeking to merge traditional and modern video technologies. The Mac dashboard utilises the superior video capabilities of DSLR/MICL cameras along with the convenience of mobile devices, facilitating dynamic, high-quality content creation.

Available for download on the RECnGO website, the RECnGO Mac dashboard offers a unique opportunity for Creators, especially with Black Friday deals. Visit for more information and to elevate your video production experience.