Tokyo’s emerging fashion brand, ESC, has stepped into the spotlight with its latest collection, a testament to the brand’s commitment to blending cultural, artistic, and zeitgeist influences into its fashion and lifestyle products. The brand’s designs, radical yet steeped in Tokyo’s essence, integrate a myriad of contemporary global trends.

The cornerstone of ESC’s production philosophy is the dedication to creating practical, long-lasting products. This commitment is underpinned by the use of superior materials and exceptional Japanese craftsmanship, ensuring both ethical standards and enduring quality. ESC prioritises natural materials to enhance their quality while being mindful of health and environmental impacts.

The brand’s inaugural collection redefines basic workwear with an upscale twist, using premium materials, sophisticated designs, and intricate detailing. ESC collaborates with Japan’s esteemed textile manufacturers to produce original, 100% organic cotton fabrics. The colour palette, created from natural herbal and mineral dyes, is a testament to the brand’s thoughtful approach to design.

This collection represents more than ESC’s commitment to quality; it conveys a message of hope in a world fraught with conflict. It features a unique combination of warm, subtle contemporary colours, a radical fusion of music and street culture, and traditional Japanese craftsmanship, all while emphasising the ethical luxury of organic cotton in its gender-neutral, ageless, and timeless designs.

The collection showcases a range of products, including jackets, hooded coats, t-shirts, trousers, bags, caps, and belts, all reflecting ESC’s unique style.

The clothing line, inspired by classic work and sportswear, reimagines these items with a contemporary edge. The garments are made from 100% organic cotton and are dyed with natural pigments, showcasing the brand’s commitment to ethical luxury. The Anthracite nylon collection is noted for its environmentally friendly approach, using recycled nylon and vegetable-derived coatings.

Accessories like the 5-panel cap are crafted from premium materials such as organic cotton or silk, dyed using expert craftsmanship with natural dyes. The bags incorporate elements of vinyl record bags with traditional Japanese Origami and Yose-zaiku techniques, avoiding the use of petroleum or animal-derived materials. The belts feature high-quality aluminium buckles from a renowned Austrian manufacturer.

The dog collection, set to launch in December, will include collars, harnesses, and leads made from top-grade organic cotton sailcloth, dyed with mineral pigments, showcasing the excellence of Japanese craftsmanship.

The textiles used in the collection, such as the Takashima and Enshu typewriter fabrics, are made from unbleached, organic cotton, highlighting the natural beauty and texture of the material.

ESC’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection and the evergreen collection will be available for pre-sale from 25 November, with pricing details on the official ESC website.