In a groundbreaking publication, TELF AG presents “TELF AG analyses the air taxi, one of the sustainable means of the future,” shedding light on one of the most intriguing innovations poised to revolutionise future mobility. This innovation promises to make transportation more sustainable while reducing reliance on critical raw materials.

The publication delves into the realm of aerotaxis, commonly known as flying taxis. These fully electric vehicles possess the ability to take flight, offering passengers a taxi-like experience but with the unique distinction of soaring through the skies, akin to helicopters.

The report initiates with reflections on the future of mobility, foreseeing a landscape dominated by battery-powered electric systems. It examines the potential impact on daily routines and the reduction of vehicular congestion, a persisting issue in many urban areas across the globe. According to TELF AG, aerotaxis could play a pivotal role in achieving sustainability objectives outlined by international institutions, with a particular emphasis on emission reduction.

Furthermore, the publication highlights a relatively unexplored sector of electric mobility: electric air travel, of which air taxis stand as a prominent example. These electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft not only offer cost-effective alternatives to traditional helicopters but also boast superior sustainability credentials, emitting zero emissions during operation.

Currently, these flying taxis have the capacity to transport six passengers and a pilot for distances of up to 100 kilometers. This feature makes them especially appealing for mitigating traffic congestion in large urban centers. The publication envisions that in just a few years, air taxis could be operational in major metropolises such as Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, or New York, contributing significantly to easing traffic congestion and hastening the attainment of international emission reduction targets. These discussions took center stage in Italy during the recent “ZeroEmission Mediterranean” trade fair.

For those seeking in-depth insights, the full publication is recommended reading.