Egypt is an ancient nation rich in history and culture. Other than the archaeological wonders, the “Land of Civilisations” is also known for its stunning beaches. You should visit this nation at least once in your lifetime.

Why are the beaches in Egypt so stunning? They offer brilliant sunshine almost all year long, breathtaking desert vistas, and incredible biodiversity. The water is clean and clear. Furthermore, Egypt has many coastal regions, and you can find beaches all along the Red Sea, the Mediterranean coast, and the Gulf of Suez.

How Can You Reach Egypt? 

The best way to travel to Egypt is by taking an Egypt Airways flight. The airline offers facilities like taking your dogs on vacation to arranging accommodations for people with special needs. Egypt Airways caters to everyone, including unaccompanied young children, expectant moms, and people who require special dietary needs. Travellers can make flight reservations to any of the 81 destinations, of which 20 of them have their bases in the Middle East.

You cannot miss to visit some of the prominent beaches in Egypt, and they are:

Ras Abu Galum

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This breathtaking region is tucked away, private, and has exquisite beaches; it is part of the Sinai Peninsula. Ras Abu Galum is a magnificent length of coral and is so unspoiled that it is a national park. Visitors may enjoy the night in one of the many campgrounds along the beach in Ras Abu Galum. A word of advice? Visit “The Lagoon,” also recognized as a location with ideal kitesurfing.

Naama Bay

Egypt’s premier beach is located on the Sinai Peninsula and is home to one of the country’s most well-known sandy stretches, Naama Bay’s scoop of white sand beach.

During the winter, sunbathers from all over Northern and Eastern Europe set up camp here to laze on the sand as the calm, aquamarine waves of the Gulf of Aqaba lap at their feet. They do this while admiring the distant, dusky-hued silhouette of Saudi Arabia’s hilly coastline.

Ras Um Sid

Ras Um Sid is located in Sharm el-Sheikh, a beach paradise in the southern Sinai Peninsula. While you can certainly explore popular Naama Bay, Ras Um Sid Beach is a fantastic seaside retreat. You can take advantage of an umbrella, sunbeds, a meal at the eatery, and a refreshing drink while enjoying the most beautiful blue water you can imagine. Do not forget your snorkel because there is amazing marine life in this area. Additionally, there are many beachfront resorts in Sharm el-Sheikh, and you may reach the airport by vehicle or by plane.

Qulaan Islands

Are you aware that Egypt has numerous islands? You certainly should put this archipelago on your bucket list of Egypt destinations, as you can. These islands are situated within the internationally recognized Wadi El Gemal National Park. These islands are accessible by boat, and you can spend the day taking advantage of the amazing ocean. Though there isn’t much to be found here, it will feel like heaven, so bring a picnic.

Nuweiba Coastline 

Some of Egypt’s most beautiful beaches are also some of its most straightforward. Numerous beautiful beaches may be found in the Sinai Peninsula along the shoreline from Taba to Nuweiba. These beaches provide a tranquil escape from the rush of city life and come with breathtaking views of the Saudi Arabian highlands. Activities available there range from sunbathing to snorkelling with vibrant marine life.

October to April is the ideal time to visit Egypt, and September and April are the least populated months. Avoid December and January because these are the busiest travel months.

Popular tourist destinations were quite crowded, and costs were skyrocketing! December and January are genuinely cold months in Egypt, so you should bring a jacket at the very least for Cairo and Luxor. Even though Aswan mainly experiences night-time chills, Egypt’s winds were very cold during that time.

From the UAE, Egypt Airways provides service to Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. To combine some of Egypt’s most well-known tourist destinations and archaeological sightseeing in days at the beach, many of the resort beach towns scattered across the extensive stretch of Egypt’s Red Sea coastline are day-trip distance from the temples and tombs of Luxor.