Detego Global, the visionary minds behind the acclaimed Unified Digital Forensics Platform, have proudly announced that their Media Acquisition tool has emerged as a finalist in the esteemed “Best Computer Forensic Solution” category for the 26th annual SC Awards. Renowned as the pinnacle of accolades within the cybersecurity realm, the SC Awards spotlight groundbreaking technologies and trailblazers propelling advancements across the industry.

Following an exhaustive evaluation overseen by a distinguished panel of industry luminaries hailing from sectors such as financial services, consulting, healthcare, and manufacturing, Detego Global’s Media Acquisition tool emerged as one of the esteemed quintet of finalists vying for this prestigious honour.

This accomplishment represents the second nomination for Detego Global in 2023, bolstering a legacy of distinction that encompasses four awards bestowed upon the brand over the past two years. Notably, the brand’s patented Ballistic Imager tool, celebrated for its unprecedented data extraction swiftness, clinched finalist status for the same coveted award last year. Furthermore, Detego Global’s “Field Triage” and “Analyse” tools earned their place on the finalist roster for the UK Security and Policing Innovation Awards in 2022 and 2023.

Integrating seamlessly within the celebrated Unified Digital Forensics Platform, a trusted resource among investigators operating within the military, law enforcement, and corporate sectors to combat grave transgressions encompassing fraud, child exploitation, terrorism, and human trafficking, the Media Acquisition tool is celebrated for its remarkable aptitude in streamlining the collation and interpretation of pivotal data from diverse sources, concurrently.

Engineered to address the escalating demand for expeditious, in-depth analytics and heightened agility in curbing burgeoning backlogs within the digital investigations domain, the Media Acquisition tool not only facilitates real-time decision-making by furnishing investigators with live data previews, but it also employs the company’s globally patented red-amber-green alert system to hasten case resolution.

Crafted in response to the surging requisition for swift, profound analytics and field-ready adaptability, Media Acquisition empowers investigators with real-time insights to expedite determinations. The tool equips investigators to preview live data captures, offering instant visual cues pertaining to relevant items through a globally patented red-amber-green visual alert framework – thereby facilitating swift on-site assessments, evidence triage, and diminished reliance on specialist teams and resources.

Offering unparalleled portability, the tool is effortlessly deployable in both frontline scenarios and laboratory settings. Endowed with guided workflows, potent data carving features, intelligent automation, and integrated analytics, even novice users can perform thorough, forensically sound investigations irrespective of the setting.

Andy Lister, the Managing Director at Detego Global, expressed, “We are elated to once again secure a spot as a finalist for the prestigious SC Awards. This recognition amidst the vanguard of the cybersecurity arena further underscores our unwavering commitment to revolutionising the realm of digital investigations with products that serve our clients and foster safer communities.”

Tom Spring, the SC Media Editorial Director at CyberRisk Alliance, lauded the technological prowess and strategies embodied by the contenders, encapsulating the astounding innovation that permeated the cybersecurity landscape this year. Spring observed, “The lineup of finalists this year mirrors the robustness and adaptability of solutions employed by network defenders in safeguarding assets within an ever-evolving threat landscape.”

The anticipated unveiling of winners is slated for the SC Awards week, set to commence on August 21, 2023. The coverage will encompass engrossing “Winner’s Circle” roundtable discussions, candid on-camera dialogues between the SC Media team and award recipients, alongside revealing glimpses into winner profiles.