Development architecture computer systems of smart building. Design modern building construction with ai controls. Project smart house construction with artificial intelligence and IOT systems.

Future Decisions Limited is delighted to announce its selection as a grant recipient by the UK’s Department for Energy Security and Net Zero. This grant marks a significant step towards furthering sustainable technologies under the government’s Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP). The support will accelerate Future Decisions’ pioneering work in utilising artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve the critical objective of net zero emissions in the built environment.

London, UK – Future Decisions Limited proudly unveils its accomplishment as a grantee chosen by the UK’s Department for Energy Security and Net Zero. This grant is a testament to the government’s dedication to fostering sustainable technologies within their Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP). Future Decisions will leverage this support to expedite its groundbreaking AI-powered solutions, aimed at revolutionising energy management in buildings by integrating an AI overlay to existing control systems.

The grant and government backing will fast-track the development of Future Decisions’ AI-driven solutions, which are poised to redefine energy management within buildings. By seamlessly integrating with current building control systems, this innovation eliminates the need for additional hardware investments or extensive control system rewrites. The ultimate goal is to address the challenges of decarbonisation in the built environment, with AI-driven solutions playing a pivotal role in driving the UK towards its ambitious net zero emissions target by 2050.

Dr. Richard McElligott, Director of Future Decisions Limited, shared his enthusiasm: “Our team is elated by the approval of this grant from the UK Department for Energy Security and Net Zero. This endorsement underscores our unwavering commitment to harnessing AI as a catalyst for transformative change, especially in the realms of energy efficiency and sustainability within the built environment.”

AI-Enhanced Building Control: Future Decisions is at the forefront of developing AI algorithms that optimise the efficiency of both new and existing building control systems. This involves dynamically adjusting heating, cooling, lighting, and ventilation parameters based on real-time occupancy and environmental data, utilising learned models of human and asset behavior. Early results indicate potential energy savings of up to 60%, significantly reducing both carbon footprint and operational costs.

Seamless Integration: A cornerstone of Future Decisions’ approach is its ability to seamlessly integrate AI solutions into existing building infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly upgrades, extra hardware, or rewriting building management system logic.