Nearly half of the global population uses social media platforms. The number of social media users is constantly growing. Social media are no longer places to chat with friends or read the latest news. They can also be used to market products and services. Professionals in all fields – including architecture and design – try to use social media.

Architects can use social media to show off their best work, develop long-lasting client relationships, and get inspiration. A robust online presence helps to attract prospects and increase brand awareness. To achieve these goals more is needed to produce valuable content. Choosing the best social media platforms architects can use is essential.

Social media is an excellent way for architecture firms to communicate and engage with current and prospective clients, in addition to being featured in magazines about architecture. Developing social media ideas relevant to the architecture industry can be challenging.

You can easily get caught up with the stunning images of your projects, but remember that people visit your social media channels to learn about the culture and people of your business. They will go to your website if they want to view your projects. This article contains the most comprehensive social media tips and ideas for architecture businesses.

  1. Design Beautiful Social Media Pages

You don’t have time to waste on social media posts, as they only last a few hours. Graphic design apps can be handy. Instead of starting from scratch every time, they provide a variety of templates and resources, such as stock images, shapes, icons and text styles. Mix and match your brand elements with the templates to create something powerful and unique.

VistaCreate is one of my favourite programs. You can customize your designs, remove backgrounds, and access an extensive library of fonts, illustrations, stickers, and other elements. The futuristic colour palette is one of our favourites. It allows you to choose the correct hex code for your colour combination.

  1. Instagram is an essential marketing tool for architects

Instagram is the most popular social media platform in our digital age. It has 1 billion monthly active users. If you’re a business, then you’re missing out on the benefits of Instagram.

Due to its visual nature, architects, designers, and other creatives have been flocking to the platform to promote their work, introduce new ideas, or even get commissions. Aggregators also use the platform to discover and nurture new talent. This creates a digital architectural community that’s open to everyone.

It is important to post on Instagram daily to make your Social Media Marketing Strategy effective. It is also recommended to use hashtags that target your audience and help you build a following on social media. Live video, IGTV and stories are other Instagram features that may help you attract more prospects. These options allow architects to show off their finished designs and how the firm works. These can be work meetings, site tours, live streams of industry events, etc. Insta is an excellent place to show a business’s inner workings and culture.

Instagram offers paid advertisements that can reach a much wider audience. Architects can run ads for new posts or to promote existing ones. Architects must have a Facebook business page and an Insta profile for this feature to work. Ads Manager allows them to specify the format and audience of the advertisement. Platforms help define this audience. It can automatically create a similar audience to the page’s fans. Adobe’s advertisement maker is a great tool for creating ads. Using the free Adobe advertisement maker, you can create eye-catching ads in just minutes.

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  1. TikTok-lecture

TikTok’s rise is causing a change in the way we consume and experience architecture. This is not a tiny trend. Nearly 950 million TikTok video creators use the hashtag #architecture in their videos to describe a building or architectural style they are familiar with. TikTok loves videos. Some of the benefits that come with using this format are:

Reputation: If you create informative or explanation videos that educate your audience, your reputation will immediately improve in their eyes. You are trying to sell a service and providing helpful information.

Brand awareness is essential today, where the Internet is almost infinite. Some people may need to learn about your company.

You can attract new audiences by adding videos. When you add videos incredibly different types, you open up your firm to attract entirely new audiences.

  1. Pinterest as a Collaboration Tool

Pinterest is not like other social media platforms. The users don’t need to reply to comments from hundreds of people or write lengthy posts. This site’s primary purpose is to allow users to save images that they like onto their boards. Every time an image is pinned, the chances of it being seen increase.

To use this platform for social media, architects must first register and create an extensive portfolio. It should have high-quality images and be regularly updated. Keywords and hashtags are essential to draw the right audience to a profile. When adding a new photo, architects should write a brief description.

If you want people to read your text, keep it under 200 characters. It is best to link a professional’s business website to their website. So, interested clients will be directed directly to the architect’s website. This will allow them to find out more information and improve the SEO of your website. Pinterest can also be used to:

Use paid ads on Pinterest. They run on a PPC (pay-per-click) system, meaning architects only pay if someone clicks their advertisement. It’s easy to separate those genuinely interested in architecture services from the rest.

Even the most talented architects can have ideas. Pinterest is an excellent resource for architects. It’s not just a social media platform, but it also provides a lot of inspiration. Architects can find new ideas and trends for their projects. Remember that Pinterest is not just for you. Other people use it to find inspiration and not to choose products or services. Therefore, it is better to share inspirational pins than those meant to sell.

Pinterest makes it easy for clients to collaborate: Instead of sharing magazine articles, clients can find images that help them better describe what they are thinking. Pinterest boards allow architects and interior designers to easily connect with their clients, allowing for a creative conversation. This helps to set realistic budgets and expectations based on the type of design that the client refers to in the picture. Secret Boards, for example, ensure that your boards remain between you and the client.

  1. LinkedIn can increase your reputation

LinkedIn is a great social network to connect with other architects, stay up-to-date with best practices and get new ideas. It isn’t just about business. The platform is divided into exciting groups that allow people to share and communicate with others who have similar interests.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms among architects. It’s a great place to show off your level of expertise. By sharing high-quality images of projects and sharing helpful content, an architect can be seen as a professional.

  1. You can share your completed projects on social media after the completion

Showcase your finished projects by uploading images or videos! It will attract new clients.

  1. Share links to interesting content

Social Media is a great way to drive traffic to your company website. Posting links to blog articles with brief descriptions is one of the easiest and most effective ways. Anyone interested in the topic will be more likely to visit the website. Additional information, media and retargeting will convert visitors into leads and clients. The first step is ensuring the content shared is valuable and suitable for your target audience.

Social Media for Architects – Final Words

Social media is a great way for architects to reach a larger audience and attract more clients. Social Media is a great way to build relationships with potential clients and raise brand awareness. Social Media can be a powerful marketing tool for architects if they follow the seven tips above.