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The modern world of cryptocurrencies is actively developing. All new DeFi technology solutions are emerging that offer the ability to store all assets decentralized. NEO is a relatively new cryptocurrency that is gaining the attention of investors.

Traders sometimes call NEO the Chinese Ethereum, as this cryptocurrency is actively developing and has a good market capitalization. The same Blockchain protocol as in Ethereum is often used to create and work with smart contracts. Trading NEO will bring a good profit with the proper allocation of resources. In this article, you can read a neo crypto review to determine the benefits of investing. Soon, the globalization of NEO will become even more widespread due to the growing attention and popularity of the decentralized technologies used.

What is NEO?

The NEO cryptocurrency was first created in China. It supports Dapps decentralized applications. By the principle of operation, this cryptocurrency resembles Ethereum but has some distinctive features.

Among the key characteristics, attention should be paid to using Blockchain technology for making payments and performing other essential tasks. Through the use of intelligent contracts and self-executing contracts based on a particular computer code, the system can determine the future. Also, this system can be used to predict the cryptocurrency market and essential identification in DeFi and ICO. In addition, there are other distinctive characteristics that you should pay attention to.

Development features

Developers of the NEO cryptocurrency actively use various programming languages to create software. Here you can use several options: Go, Python, C#, JavaScript, and Java. This is qualitatively different from Ethereum, which uses the Solidity language for development. In this case, developers can use any other language, leading to specific data processing difficulties. The developers regularly work to implement modern security technologies, which makes cryptocurrency a profitable investment for traders.

Consensus Algorithms

NEO uses the state-of-the-art dBFT 2.0 consensus algorithm, which allows for high transaction processing speed compared to other Blockchains. NEO cannot only provide the execution of payments and smart contracts but also use the consensus algorithm for rapid identification and prediction of decentralized markets, which opens up great opportunities for investors.

Currently, the NEO network can process thousands of requests per second, which exceeds the number of transactions in the same unit of time for Bitcoin or Ethereum. This makes the system more advanced and easier to use, opening up more control options.

Features of the NEO token

The NEO Blockchain platform is actively used not only for money transactions and smart contracts. It is also used to manage the identity system securely. For example, instead of submitting a regular passport online, you can use unique identity verification technology, which reduces the risk of personal data theft and allows you to ensure complete security for each user.

Compared to the existing system, such a security tool allows you to use the required products and services online in real time without downloading documents separately.

Network management and smart contracts

Among the key advantages of using NEO, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Ability to independently make changes to the network, if necessary, using the available developer tools.
  • Network management allows users to change the system themselves. Changes are voted on by network members who have NEO tokens.
  • Making decisions online allows for a more customer-centric system and reduces the potential risk of losing personal data.
  • Many users also use a soft fork, which makes it possible to invalidate any transactions with stolen resources.

The users actively develop NEO technology, allowing them to independently manage the system using regulatory developments with minimal effort and cost.

The built-in Oracle component is another notable feature of the NEO ecosystem that is attracting the attention of potential investors. At the moment, interaction with network elements outside the Blockchain is almost impossible. Oracle aims to become a bridge for the exchange of Blockchains of different sources and parameters. When Blockchains can connect to other network elements, they can provide comprehensive coverage of the system worldwide.

Mining and staking NEO

NEO operates using two underlying cryptocurrencies: NEO and GAS. NEO allows owners to vote on changes to the network and manage the underlying offerings. GAS is a cryptocurrency that is used for performing various operations on the web. GAS is usually applied as a commission and reward for maintaining network uptime, which affects price performance. In doing so, NEO users can use numerous auxiliary tools to ensure the functionality of the network.

NEO holders can also receive passive income using the network’s available functionality. For owning cryptocurrency, the project developers pay 1.62% annually for holding more than 100 NEO on an individual cryptocurrency wallet. This is a pretty good income level, which exceeds that of the bank by 27 times. To take advantage of the opportunity to earn money in the ecosystem, you need to register in the system and download a cryptocurrency wallet that supports the GAS cryptocurrency.

If you want cryptocurrency, you can take advantage of NEO staking opportunities. You can also make a profit solely by holding cryptocurrency in your account. If you already have a cryptocurrency, you can exchange it for a similar one by conducting a market outlook in advance to determine the appropriateness of the transaction.

Buying and storing NEO cryptocurrency

There are several different options for buying and selling NEO, but it is recommended that you use the developer’s ecosystem for this. To work, it is enough to create a NEO wallet. Among the main functional features are the following:

  • simplicity and functionality of use;
  • the ability to quickly and profitably exchange cryptocurrency at the optimal rate with minimal costs;
  • round-the-clock support of specialists;
  • the ability to synchronize all changes to the cryptocurrency wallet during authorization from any device.

NEO wallet provides high-speed transactions with minimal effort and costs for each user. To do this, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the NEO ecosystem in advance.

Future of NEO

The NEO cryptocurrency has come a relatively long way in development, taking into account historical trends and other features. The main task of developers now is to make the technology even more popular, stable, and in demand. NEO is also actively working on decentralization and modern technological solutions to ensure the operation of consensus nodes and network transactions.

In addition to NEO, other projects use the developments to implement their projects. For example, this includes the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Nash, the travel booking website Travala, and many other decentralized applications.

Final Thoughts

The NEO community is actively developing and attracting the attention of a large number of users around the world. Chinese Ethereum plans to enter the general world market soon due to its availability and ease of implementation compared to peers.

Currently, NEO’s primary focus is on China and the development of decentralized applications. The formalized governance structure enables all participants who own NEO to influence the development of the ecosystem and the ability to integrate available solutions with real projects. The chances of NEO development remain high, so you should keep a close eye on the latest industry news to keep up to date with all the developments.