When we need data from somewhere else, it is best done over the cloud. The same is the case with video security cameras. Access, storage and camera management can be done the safest centrally in the cloud and users can conveniently and securely access their video fast and at high quality. 

IPTECHVIEW is a new, simpler, and more partner-centric Cloud Video Management (VMS). It was designed to provide long-term value to both its users and to the technology resellers servicing their customers. Here is why:

A revolutionary simpler more User-Centric Video Surveillance.

Today organizations want a system that can be used by anyone on their team. The solution needs to be intuitive and quick to learn. Users want to be able to get situational awareness, oversight of their space and personalized views and alerts.

IPTECHVIEW was designed to offer easy access to everything from anywhere with smartphones, tablets, and laptops while supporting professional security staff on multi-monitor stations. The ability to see any security camera on the floor plan by tapping them and to have access to custom-crafted views and personalized alerts, gives users the best access to daily video data and actionable intelligence. It also provides a higher preventive security of these secured and often-viewed spaces protecting people’s places and assets. Last but not least, cloud storage provides great tools for forensic situations, easy archiving, and sharing video of “situations of interests” even by a team member on his smartphone. The ability to quickly share amongst the team or even with law enforcement within seconds on any device makes the system highly effective.

Maximize Scalability, Storage and Security in the cloud 

IPTECHVIEW’s decentralized cloud architecture needs no local servers, or NAS (Network Attached Storage units), this reducing hardware cost a lot and minimizes installation and maintenance. It also eliminates servers or gateway boxes and reduces the risk of these becoming a potential single point of failure. 

The Just Camera & Cloud™ Concept embraced by the new Dallas based IPTECHVIEW system scale from a single location to a nationwide solution.

The new platform also features an exclusive composite storage method combining in-camera and cloud storage which provides redundancy, guaranteed retention times, and fast access even with modest bandwidth. ( It can even be used for remote cameras with only wireless internet and provide a cloud timeline and on-demand access to video in-camera memory).

It may seem counterintuitive at first but cloud cameras offer much higher safety than on premise solutions. IPTECHVIEW you a commercial cloud camera solution that was built on the principle of “security by design”, The platform has been up continuously since 2019 with 99.99% uptime. 

Ready for the Future 

In addition to live and recorded video, get  alerts and analytics that come directly from today’s in-camera AI. This becomes quite futuristic when using cameras that includes AI features like , people, vehicle or animal detection. But that’s just the beginning.

This new platform is designed  to become a highly expandable system  for new future in-camera and cloud AI solutions. Modules like license plate and face recognition can be added when and where needed and coded to special action sequences. Also very important I s our commitment to expandability of the platform. This VSaaS solution providers  vision is that customers can grow from cameras to door-stations, access control and sensors and as new additional security solutions get added, users will not need to learn a new platform. IPTECHVIEW users will easily be able to expand from an initial video surveillance project and add alarm integration with video verification, video intercom, audio integration including paging and talk down, access control, sensors for room or storage temperature, air quality, vaping, water leaks and more.

Fast Deployment

Our simpler camera-to-cloud architecture, preconfigured cameras, and serverless architecture makes system layout, budgeting, and deployment a breeze, eliminating many time sinks and cost elements of a conventional surveillance project. Cameras ship preconfigured and can be installed by any local wiring and installation company without prior experience in this system. 

The final setup and configuration adjusting functionality to the user’s needs are done remotely by the user’s technology partner. We don’t want to sound preposterous, but in a way, we really redefined the process of deploying, configuring, and managing video surveillance solutions giving both the buyer and the reseller/technology partner a much better solution and tools that provide a great long-term value.

Remote Management

IPTECHVIEW was designed to remotely manage and monitor the system health of IP intelligent edge devices on a single pane with no geographic boundaries. Larger organization’s IT departments can also benefit from the platform and either manage or co-manage with their specialized technology partners. 

Integrators and resellers use our secure remote management to remotely manage all their projects and offer remote service plans. In a world where intelligent edge devices need to be setup and readjusted to adapt to changing circumstances, long-term service contracts make a lot of sense to users and provide an excellent long-term source of recurring revenue to the technology partner.

If you sell video surveillance solutions you can request a demo and a free partner account free partner account IPTECHVIEW offers this 6-month free subscription for integrators that want to start selling IPTECHVIEW. The special account is a free subscription enabling resellers to access AXIS, Monotix and several NDAA cameras as well as upgrade HIKVision projects with a secure camera gateway. This partner account renews perpetually as long as partners  have paying customers under their  account. 

Resellers can use and demo his own existing cameras to get his own space secured, learn more about IPTECHVIEW and be able to sell more by showing own great demo system. It definitely is an awesome tool to get good really at the system and to help your customers.