What makes a good employee? That’s a question every recruiting manager wants to know. Most would look at an applicant’s skills and experience. Some would also give preference to the type of education they received and where. 

The right experience is an advantage. So is having the right skills for the job. But employers today know that’s not enough. It’s also important that a prospective employee has the soft skills to thrive in your company’s culture. 

Soft skills refer to the personal attributes of a worker. These traits enhance a person’s capability to do the job well. It also helps a person work hard and work well with others. The term is also referred to as emotional intelligence. So what positive character traits are companies looking for in their workers?

Loyalty and Reliability

Managers today know it’s not enough that a worker has the skills. They also want an employee they can rely on. They want someone they can depend on to arrive on time and do their job. A reliable worker takes responsibility for their tasks. They will meet deadlines. They are also proactive and someone you know will keep working even if no one is supervising them.

Dedication and Motivation

Dedication is also a trait the best workers have. Managers want people who are loyal to the business and driven to do well in their job. These are individuals who know their purpose, both in their career and personal life. They are passionate about the job and have a positive attitude towards work.

Good hiring managers will often choose one who’s dedicated over one with experience. It’s because these individuals are easy to train. They are willing to do the work to learn and improve themselves.

Good Problem-Solving Skills

Employees who can come up with good solutions are valuable to the business. They can consider various perspectives. They can then come up with useful solutions. People with good problem-solving skills are often proactive too. They look for chances to improve. These are the applicants who show interest and ask questions. 

A staffing firm manager will ask applicants to discuss a specific problem they’ve solved. It’s how they gauge an applicant’s problem-solving skills.

Good Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Strong interpersonal skills are the hallmark of a good employee. Every worker will deal with different types of people. They should know how to manage clients, managers, and stakeholders. They must also know how to engage colleagues.

Someone with good communication and interpersonal skills is often sought after. Especially among full-service accounting companies. It’s because they can work well with others. They’re excellent communicators. They can give well-thought answers. Plus, these people are also great listeners. 

Finding the Right Worker 

Experience and skill are no longer enough to get hired. Employers are also looking for certain positive character traits. These can mean the difference between a great worker and a mediocre one.