When it comes to making a website for you to use, you’ve probably heard people mention both website designers and developers – aren’t they the same thing, however? Most would be surprised to learn that the two terms are not, in fact, interchangeable, and both experts play different roles in the construction and development of a website.

As website designers Preston, we feel that it’s important to clear up the confusion that many of our customers have and talk about the differences between the two. After all, you need to know what makes each expert unique because you can’t ask one to do the job of the other!

So, let’s kick this off by explaining the key differences between a web developer and a designer before we go more in-depth with our explanation.

To put it simply:

A web developer makes the code for a website which allows it to run.

A web designer creates the visual and stylistic elements of a website to make it look great.

Web designers and developers often work side-by-side, but they do two different jobs.

A web designer has more than a few responsibilities to keep in mind. However, their main job is usually to make the visual components of a website and manage the layout.

The goal of a web designer is to ensure the site looks good and functions properly. Their goal should always be to give the visitor the best experience possible and encourage visitors to stay.

Web designers will need to ensure that they remain up-to-date on current events and that they try to keep up with industry best practices. You’ll deal with a lot of things like colours, fonts and brand imagery during the design process.

You should also be aware that there’s quite a lot of testing and research involved in being a web designer. You’ll need to ensure that the website you build is suitable for the needs of the client. With regards to a web developer, the design team will usually work in tandem with them to deliver a good experience. This means that they’ll do things like think about how the design of a site can influence the code needed to make it. The design team will often make a structure for the site and show this to a developer, who will then use it as a blueprint for creating the website.

Finally, it’s also quite normal for a web design team to work on the website once it has launched. They may provide updates to content or monitor the website to make sure it’s working properly.

So, the next thing that we are going to do is take a look at what a web developer does. As we said earlier, the web developer is primarily focused on building a website by creating the code for it.

Understandably, this is a very technical job. Web developers will know different programming and coding languages that they can use. It is their job to take the ideas that were given to them by the design team and turn them into real parts of the website.

A web developer can have a lot of responsibilities as part of this job role. Most of the time, they are building the website. This means they have to code the website and then build both the server and databases that are used in the back end. They will also be expected to create functional features for users.

Web developers will also test the website and handle any problems that might crop up. They will also work post-launch, generally providing maintenance and support. They will also fix server or hosting problems if they occur.

If you want to understand the role of a web developer, you should compare it to a web designer by looking at both in the context of a house. The web designer is like the architect and interior designer. They create the sketches for the house, and when it’s been built, they’ll decorate it and make it look good. However, it’s the web developer that builds the house by using the designs and makes sure that it’s structurally sound.

When it comes to building the best website possible, both roles are important. Good web design Liverpool is nothing without a developer to help you get the support you need to thrive. With that being said, a web developer can’t easily build a site without the guidance they need from a web designer.

The two have a relationship which is difficult to separate, and you’ll need to find a company with a good team for both. You’ll usually only communicate with a web designer, however. They act as the intermediary for your ideas, turning them into concepts that a developer can work with. They’ll also consult with you about design because that’s more important. Most businesses don’t spend a lot of time working on the back end of the site – that’s usually handled quietly by the developers.

When it comes to a web developer and web designer, the two roles are different from one another. You’ll need to carefully balance the two if you want a good website built. All websites Manchester built by experts will have two teams to handle each aspect of building the site.

We wanted to ensure you understood the difference between the two because it does make a difference. You’ll need to take a proper look at web design mostly – it’s the part of the process you’ll get a real input on. Understandably, it’s hard to try and tell a developer what to do if you’re not used to web development in any fashion. However, the web design team will communicate your wishes to the development team and they’ll be able to build a site that does what you need it to, so don’t worry.