Story from Jam Press (OnlyFans Abandoned) Pictured: A tweet sent by an OnlyFans creator complaining about their content being removed for no reason.

A growing number of OnlyFans creators are expressing frustration online, alleging that their content is frequently deleted without violating any terms of service, jeopardizing their livelihoods. These grievances have sparked discussions of a potential mass exodus from the platform.

In response to their treatment, disgruntled creators, including Rowan Odubhain and Aaliyah Yasin, who boast substantial followings, are shifting their business to the emerging and rapidly expanding site,

Taking to Twitter, they voice their outrage, highlighting instances of post deletions on OnlyFans that seemingly comply with neither the terms of service nor the community guidelines. Their experiences have prompted a desire to seek alternative platforms.

One creator tweeted, “Love when OnlyFans removes a video claiming it breaks TOS when it doesn’t, and it’s active on my No PPV perfectly fine! I personally reviewed the video, and it violates ZERO TOS or community guidelines.”

The frustration further escalated when OnlyFans’ support team responded with generic messages, lacking specific explanations. Creators demand clarity, accountability, and valid reasons for content removal, considering the platform’s substantial commission of 20% from their earnings.

Another creator, Rae, called for improved communication features, requesting, “@OnlyFans, can you make it possible for us to read the full message we sent or provide further context? If I’m not discussing things that break TOS and I’m not trying to circumvent flagged words, then I would appreciate more information…”

A creator known as ‘Bungabooty’ received significant attention after posting about the removal of their popular squirt videos from OnlyFans.

Aaliyah Yasin reached out to OnlyFans CEO, Amrapali Gan, expressing her feelings of discrimination as a Pakistani Muslim creator. She stated that her content was suddenly mass removed from her account, allegedly violating community guidelines. Yasin accused the support team of bullying and discrimination, while seeking resolution through her tweet.

In the midst of this backlash, some creators have sought long-term solutions by establishing themselves on alternative platforms. Arian Demnika, founder of Okfans, has witnessed a surge in sign-ups over the past year. He assures creators that Okfans will never ban sexual content, unlike other subscription services such as OnlyFans.

Okfans, a platform designed specifically for adult content creators and consumers, offers similar features to other subscription services but with a particular focus on adult content. It provides messaging capabilities, live streaming options, custom subscription choices, and content analytics.

As the demand for alternatives grows, Okfans has seen approximately 1,000 daily sign-ups. Top creators are now earning monthly revenues ranging from £8,000 to £40,000 ($10,000 to $50,000 USD).

Arian acknowledges the potential impact of OnlyFans’ content restrictions on creators’ lives and recognizes the importance of providing tools for Okfans creators to connect with their fans.

While other adult content subscription services exist, the absence of OnlyFans could affect the availability and diversity of adult content due to its popularity and widespread use.

As the controversy surrounding content removal and discrimination persists, the future of OnlyFans remains uncertain, prompting creators to seek platforms that support their creative freedom and safeguard their livelihoods.