Cryptocurrencies have seen unparalleled growth for the past few years. With the rise in their awareness nationwide, thousands of new currencies have appeared on the market. 

Unlike traditional investments, this investment has a much higher chance of multiplying your assets. But the fame of the crypto market comes in tow with an increased risk. If you are willing to take risks and are well-versed in the investment industry, cryptocurrency is your golden opportunity to put your skills to use. 

This article will take you through some of the most popular and potential cryptocurrencies for you to invest in 2023. Let’s dive right into it

Bitcoin – BTC

With the most market value and crypto assets, bitcoin stays the best by far. It is needless to say that investing in BTC is the least risky when it comes to the security and stability of the market. Just like other cryptocurrencies, the BTC runs on the blockchain. This means that your information, transaction history, and private data are secured over a large number of networks.

 Investing in BTC is of the most benefit as many online and offline platforms accept payments and transactions in the form of BTC. For instance, buying NFTs online, ordering Burger King/ KFC/ Subway, high payout online casinos for Canadians, Microsoft subscriptions, and much more. 

BTC prices have skyrocketed in recent years and are expected to increase even further. So, make your choice now to get the most returns.  

Ethereum – ETH

After Bitcoin, one of the most potential cryptocurrencies is none other than Ethereum. Ethereum coins are one of the favorite assets of many program developers owing to their potential apps like NFTs. 

 As of May,4,2023, the value of 1 ETH coin was around $1,900, which makes it a bit more affordable than BTC. Although its market value soared to unbelievable heights of up to $5000, and it is highly unlikely to reach that peak as of now, the upside potential of ETH is still very high. 

Tether – USDT

If you are looking to invest your money in some stable markets that don’t plummet down as much as others, Tether may be your best shot. It is backed by fiat currencies like Euro and USD. This cryptocurrency provides a smart alternative for fiat gateways like wallets, ATMs, financial services, and even gambling on some online Baccarat platforms. 

Most investors love to invest in Tether, who are troubled by the volatile charts of other coins. It is $1 per USDT, therefore highly safe for beginners to begin their journey. 

U.S Dollar Coin – USDC

With a market cap of up to $30.27 billion, USDC stands among the stablecoins in the crypto market. It is backed by the U.S. dollar and continues to stay at a ratio of 1 USDC to 1 USD. It is among the few cryptocurrencies you can use to make transactions worldwide. 

With the increasing daily value of USD, investing in USDC can provide you massive returns in a matter of days. 

Dogecoin – DOGE

Sometimes, something starts as a joke, but it rules the world later on. Dogecoin is one such example. It became increasingly popular initially, plummeting down the market for a few years and gaining its standhold in the market once again as of 2023. 

Its price went up to $0.08, making a market rise of up to 39,043%. It might not be a bad deal if you want to experience investing in the world-famous DOGE.

Cryptocurrency investments differ significantly from traditional ones. It can be highly volatile and crash anytime; thus, investing in it is highly risky. But with increasing technological advancements and the world going digital, cryptocurrencies are highly likely to gain even more recognition and power in various areas. So, diversify your research and make the final decision wisely.