Looking for reliable sources to keep up with the latest news from the Middle East? There’s so much happening in this region that finding accurate and trustworthy information can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the top eight sites where you can brush up on all things related to Middle Eastern news.

From politics and economics to culture and society, these sites cover a wide range of topics that will help you better understand the region.

So whether you’re a journalist, student, or simply interested in staying informed about the Middle East, read on to discover the best sources for Middle Eastern news.

1. Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera is one of the top sites for Middle Eastern news. With journalists throughout the region, Al Jazeera provides in-depth coverage and analysis of current events.

Aside from breaking news stories, Al Jazeera offers opinion pieces and documentaries that provide a deeper understanding of Middle Eastern issues. Their website is easy to navigate and offers multiple language options for those who prefer reading in Arabic or other languages.

This media entity’s commitment to unbiased reporting makes them an ideal choice for those seeking objective information on current events. They strive for balanced coverage, avoiding sensationalism or taking sides in political debates.

2. Al-Monitor

Founded in 2012, Al-Monitor has quickly become one of the go-to sources for breaking news and analysis on Middle Eastern politics, business, culture, and more.

Their mission involves diving deep with independent, trusted authors from all over the world to create a deeper understanding of the Middle East and the international community.

They achieve this by producing unparalleled reporting and analysis by prominent Middle Eastern and North African journalists and analysts, like author Amir Handjani.

Their reporting and analysis cover the Gulf, Iran, Israel, North Africa, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Turkey. As part of their Washington coverage, they examine the impact of US policy on the MENA region.

3. Middle East Eye

Middle East Eye has broken several major stories, including the end of the eastern Aleppo siege; the murder of former MEE writer Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman; the UK’s role in allowing British-Libyans to fight Gaddafi; a secret Arab plot to ousting Palestine’s president; and many more.

This demonstrates how passionate and dedicated this news outlet is to uncovering stories and bringing them to the public’s attention. MEE’s commitment to investigative journalism has earned it a reputation for being a reliable source of news and information about the Middle East.

Despite its London headquarters, MEE’s coverage is backed by a cross-section of journalists, freelance correspondents, opinion writers, and analysts across the Middle East.

4. The New Arab

The New Arab delivers the big stories from the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond in English. They present in-depth and informative coverage, countering autocratic and sectarian narratives with progressive viewpoints and voices.

As a progressive, non-partisan news outlet, they regularly cover human rights, social justice, and democracy issues, particularly in Arab countries. They are independent and objective but committed to highlighting and covering topics related to youth and marginalized groups. They believe all citizens should enjoy a dignified, free, and just life.

The New Arab has a global network of reporters based in the MENA region, providing exclusive coverage and access to stories other outlets don’t have access to. Their diverse backgrounds allow them to provide astute reporting and foster positive debates on various topics, including politics, society, and culture.

5. BBC News – Middle East

As part of the BBC’s Arabic-language news service, it covers the latest news and analysis from the region. Its coverage includes Egypt, the Gulf, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, North Africa, Palestine, Syria, and Turkey.

With a team of experienced journalists, the service provides objective and in-depth coverage of events in the region, making it a trusted news source for many people.

Whether it’s breaking news or in-depth analysis, BBC News – Middle East is an excellent resource for anyone looking to brush up on the latest developments in the Middle East.

6. Jadaliyya

Jadaliyya is one of the most reliable sources for Middle Eastern news. It provides a platform for critically analyzing and debating politics, culture, and society in the Middle East and North Africa.

This independent online magazine features articles from renowned scholars, activists, and journalists who offer a unique perspective on the region’s current affairs.

Jadaliyya’s commitment to amplifying marginalized voices in the region sets it apart from other news sources. The platform has sections dedicated to gender studies, law and conflict resolution, and visual culture. It highlights alternative narratives often ignored or overlooked by the mainstream media.

As part of the podcast program, Jadaliyya interviews experts in various fields, ranging from migration to digital activism.

Regularly checking out these six sites will help you gain new insights and perspectives. You can use this to gain a better understanding of the important events taking place in this part of the world.

There is something on these websites for everyone, no matter your interest. So why not bookmark them today and brush up on your Middle Eastern news?