Learning never stops, especially not in Canada, the most educated country in the world. Thankfully, you can learn almost anything on the internet nowadays, thanks to the many online learning platforms available.

LinkedIn Learning is one of the top ones to use in Canada. The platform particularly features courses on software, creative, and business skills. These are the 10 best courses to take on LinkedIn learning in 2023:

Financial Literacy

Understanding your financial health, whether as an individual or a business, is important. It gives you in-depth knowledge of how to manage your finances and channel your money to the right sources. That’s why completing a financial literacy course on LinkedIn Learning places you on a different pedestal.

These courses cover the basics you should understand as an individual, an entrepreneur, an investor, or a manager. You learn how to interpret reports like course balance sheets, cash flow statements, income statements, and annual reports. It is especially helpful if you intend to pursue a career in accounting or any position related to the financial department.

Agile Foundations for Canadian Businesses

To survive as a business in Canada, you must sail through the rough waves of competition. In order to do that, you must have an agile mindset toward your business activities. Therefore, taking courses that teach agile foundations for Canadian businesses is helpful.

With the various agile frameworks the courses cover, you’ll learn the principles and values that will improve your customer relations. In the long run, this will foster positive customer feedback and customer retention. Courses on agile foundations will also improve internal communication among your business teams, which is paramount for success.

Excel for Office 365 Essential Training for Canadian Users

Data analysis is one of the career fields in high demand in Canada as data continues to drive business actions. If you plan to become a data analyst, the popular position is to learn programming languages like R and Python. However, learning Microsoft Excel for Office 365 may be enough to land you the perfect job.

MS Excel has many formulas and functions for data analysis, which many analysts don’t know. You can learn them all when you take a course on Excel for Office 365 Essential Training for Canadian Users. The courses cover all the most recent features of the spreadsheet application.

Canadian Income Tax Fundamentals

Both individuals and businesses are mandated by Canadian law to pay income tax. However, when it comes to such legal matters, most people can’t catch up with what’s involved. Thankfully, you can get a thorough understanding of how income taxes work in Canada with Canadian Income Tax Fundamentals courses on LinkedIn Learning.

The courses teach you how to file income taxes with the Canada Revenue Agency. You’ll also become familiar with the various concepts and terminology that define taxation. These Income Tax Fundamentals courses are gold, as they’ll help you become friends with the law.

Game Design and Development Foundations

The average game developer in Canada earns more than $84,000 per year. That’s higher than the national average salary of $72,000. Programmers earn even higher salaries—not less than $92,000. Clearly, learning how to design and develop games for online casinos in Canada is worth it financially.

You can start your journey to becoming a professional game developer with Game Design and Development Foundations courses. In these classes, you’ll learn how to bring your gaming ideas into life, assess your timelines, and organize your outlines to build your game.

Developing Cross-Cultural Intelligence

One of the features that define Canadian society is its diverse cultures. So, as someone who lives in Canada, especially in the top cities, you must learn how to deal with different cultures. It’ll go a long way toward helping if you work in diverse workplaces.

Working effectively with people from different cultures is possible. You’ll learn that and more from LinkedIn Learning courses on developing Cross-Cultural intelligence. In particular, the courses will help you understand the primary areas of cultural differences and how to navigate them.

Python for Data Science Essential Training

As explained, handling data analysis with Excel for Office 365 can be sufficient. However, beyond data analysis, in the vast world of data science, you need more than Excel. You need to know how to program, and Python is one of the best programming languages to learn.

In that view, you’ll need to take LinkedIn Learning courses like Python for Data Science Essential Training. You get to practise with real-world data, apply statistical models, predict trends, and extract insights. With this experience, you can work with many Canadian businesses or organisations.

Leadership Foundations for Canadian Managers

Leadership principles are paramount to the progress of any business team. If you’re a manager in any Canadian company or organization, the leadership foundations courses on LinkedIn Learning will help a great deal. You can also take these courses if you’re in any leading position, not just managing.

Completing the leadership foundation courses will arm you with the tools you need to cut across differences in your workplace. You learn how to build trust, foster harmony, and promote inclusion.

Project Management for the Real World

Everyone gets to manage a project at some point in their lives. If you’re in such a position, you must maintain a working strategy from start to finish. Project Management courses will teach you how to develop ideal real-world strategies to handle any project.

These are practical courses. Courses whose content you can start applying on the go as you learn. Furthermore, with some of these courses, you get to hear first-hand from successful project managers and learn how they defeated constraints.

Digital Marketing Foundations for Canadian Marketers

Digital marketing will never go out of fashion so long as the internet exists. These marketers are the backbone of any company’s publicity strategy.

Courses on Digital Marketing Foundations for Canadian Marketers will teach you the perfect contact points to reach the Canadian audience. They cover email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO), to name a few. You’ll also learn about Canadian regulations regarding digital marketing.


We have listed the best LinkedIn courses that you can take to improve your skills. This would help you go a long way in your career pursuits and set you apart from the competition.