Selling your home? Primp and prep it to get the most money for this.

You should always consider making a complete makeover with little effort on a budget. No matter which small change you begin your home redo journey with, it can literally give it a whole new flavour. Just stick to these ideas and enjoy your new home.

By getting through them, you will get a vibrant look and a better price for your home and finally regret having sold your home.

1.   Upcycle Furniture

Don’t kick those old wardrobes or cupboards to the curb just yet! Instead, upcycle them!

If your old favourites have lost brilliance over the years, you can rehab them quickly with wallpapering! Almost no efforts and money are necessary for DIY lovers. Although, you have to prepare any wooden panelling properly to ensure the wallpaper sticks well.

The possibilities are endless: you can hang wallpapers on wardrobes, cupboards, TV cabinets, bookcases, table tops, chairs, and many more places to experiment! But the wallpapers look most amazing in insets and framed furniture. Just put your imagination into action!

  • If you want to hang wallpapers on wood panels, then it’s best to select heavy-duty ones to avoid any problems with shallower grooves. You can use pattern wallpapers for wardrobe and cabinet doors and do it inside and outside. Match one of the colours with the wall paint to avoid colour design disharmony.
  • Use a grasscloth to match your vintage-styled home. Grasscloth is traditionally used for walls, but we see a more creative potential for its use on furniture.

You should only pay attention to one thing: make sure the patterns and the colours are well combined, and the room reflects a colour harmony of a warm and cosy place to live.

After all, you’ll realise that the grandmother’s furniture is no longer boring but look more distinctive than today’s interior solutions. It’s also elegant and chick! The new homeowners will love it, and the others will envy you. Even if you negotiated a better price, you would wish to have enjoyed it longer before selling it.

2.   Turn Your Tiny Balcony in a Little Paradise

Nowadays, even a modest balcony is considered a luxury. Accept the city dweller reality! Here’s how to attract potential new homeowners if your balcony is small and they wouldn’t even enjoy a splendid view. Make it the sweetest bite the customer (and you) would never miss:

  • Install an adjustable fording balcony bar to get rest and have a beverage, snacks and other things in the open air. And if it is hard to manoeuvre and the bar is no more needed, fold the table against the side of the balcony. Such tables can be found on eBay or the nearest retail shop. You can even challenge your DIY skills by selecting a tabletop of durable material and the necessary hardware to accomplish your little DIY project.
  • Fit a window seat outside the window recess to add a great deal of charm to your balcony. Outdoor floor decking or teak is a great outdoor furniture material choice. The last doesn’t need paint or varnish, so you’ll be one step closer to your balcony oasis.
  • Lay around cushy elements and rugs made of outdoor fabrics, giving your terrace an extra cosy and vibrant vibe.
  • Install vertical planters for flowers which you can easily craft from a wooden pallet.

You will rock your tiny balcony and meet potential buyers’ expectations. Ultimately, it will add sophistication to your outdoor experience and make you regret you haven’t realised your idea earlier. What a pity!

3.   Put a New Front on the Old Indoor Doors

Who said that laminate flooring is designed only for floors? Give the visitors a great first impression by refacing your old plywood doors with laminate flooring.

Choose beautifully-stained layers or use some unnecessary ones from the already installed package on the floor. Then the properly measured, cut, and assembled planks must be fitted on the door correctly by mounting adhesive. Finally, you will achieve a rustic trendy vibe that will give the homebuyers a much-needed boost!

For instance, a good match of colours and style is an accent white brick wall and a “laminated white door” with a grey hue.

4.   Sophisticate Through Accent Wall & Ceiling Accent Lighting

People think an accent wall or ceiling is a layer of paint brushed on a wall. Yet, there are a lot of design variants you can try:

  • Install natural wood light fixtures decoration on the ceiling to create a focal point the new homeowners will love.
  • Dive into a wood lath project – combine and clip laths to make a creative geometrical form. Then, turn it into a beautiful light fixture.
  • Finally, you can apply the above elements on the wall, tabletop, and wherever you like to achieve visual indoor consistency.

5.   Accent on Kitchen Beautifiers

What motivates a homeowner to spend more time in the kitchen? Of course, it’s an aesthetical look.

A beautiful kitchen will make you prepare the food with the utmost satisfaction. And paying attention to details is what makes the home-seekers happiest.

  • Paint a chalkboard patch on a kitchen cabinet for grocery lists or recipes;
  • Enhance the existing decor by adding some fresh plants or a container herb garden;
  • Place some framed photos on the open shelves;
  • Add new cabinet hardware. Alternatively, a small and relatively budget-friendly way to give a vibrant look to your kitchen is to re-paint the knobs on your own. You should be only in a DIY and creative mood.

6.   Switch Up the Switches

Switches always get dirty and faulty due to their regular use. Replacing them with decorative ones adds an aesthetical touch to your home design concept. You can also drive your creativity and make custom covers that can even become a piece of art. You can just need a couple of paintbrushes.

7.   Wall Beautification with Mirror Art Installation

Every home deserves a mirror. It adds a decorative touch to the interior, making the space feel brighter and larger. Everybody knows that buying a new large mirror is a comparatively significant and unnecessary investment before selling a home, and there are a lot of hanging pitfalls in front of you.

If your already installed mirror is old-fashioned and repulsive for potential buyers, experienced handymen from Fantastic Services advise repainting the frames to match the wall colours. Another cheap solution is the design of mirror artwork by grouping some smaller mirrors in a larger geometrical form to catch the attention of potential customers.

Finally, you will realise that the mirrored artwork brightens up the room magically, and you wish you’d had more time to look at your gorgeous self from tip to toe.

8.   Entry Hallway Beautification

There’s always a lack of place for your hats at home. Solve this problem and implement your DIY ideas for a hat rack organiser on the wall. You can opt for various cheap holders, hooks, or stands that can be further decorated with a layer of paint. Whether one or more colours, decide specifically according to your preferences. Now, I wish I have had them earlier, too.

9.   Get Rid of the Squeaky Door and Floor Sounds

There’s always that irritating incessant squeaky noise in every home. And we just try to ignore it (but without success). The time has finally come, and there’s no way to escape. Fortunately, it’s a common problem with an easy solution – just sprinkle talcum powder over the problematic area and in the cracks.

And for the dreadful squeaky hinge, you can just spray a little WD-40 or an aerosol lubricating oil. What a silence set at home and how pleasant it seems now.

Loose handles are another dealbreaker – fix them to avoid further unpleasant thoughts about the property’s overall condition.

Now you can rest peacefully and might wonder why you haven’t done it so far.