An EB5 green card can bring you and your immediate family into the United States. It can also help you invest and gain capital. There are specific places where you can source your EB5 investment. Each type of investment has different qualifications to make them valid. 

Here are six different places where you can pull your investment funds from: 

1. Liquidation of Investment 

One of the areas you can choose to source your investment is through the liquidation of investment portfolios. You should be able to provide information that the funds put into the investment were legal. Portfolio statements that show the inflows and the growth of the funds may also be required.

You will also need to gather statements showing the portfolio’s liquidation. The receipt of the funds being transferred into your bank account should also be available. 

2. Your Salary  

One way that you can gather your income for an EB5 investment is through your salary or employment earnings. You will need to be able to provide tax returns from several years.

You may also need documentation of pay stubs from your employer. A letter from your employer that verifies your salary and other information may be asked of you. 

3. Property Sales

If you have sold a property and are planning on using the funds for your EB5 green card, keep a copy of the purchase and the sales agreement. Bank statements showing the transaction between you and the buyer should also be available. You may also be asked to show evidence of how you purchased the property originally. 

4. Unsecured or Secured Loans 

The EB5 program accepts unsecured and secured loans as a source of your EB5 investment. If you have a loan that is secured by personal assets, providing a promissory note may be required.

This promissory note should list the personal security that secures the loan. You will also need to provide evidence that you are making payments on that loan during the EB5 application process. 

5. Gifts From Others

You can use funds acquired by gifts to fund your EB5 investment. For gifted funds to be acceptable to use for an EB5 investment, there are certain requirements that need to be met. You will need to pay any gift taxes that are applicable. The funds cannot be returned after you have received permanent resident status. 

6. Inheritance From Family

Inheritance is another source of income you can use for your EB5 investment. You will need to provide evidence that shows the relationship between you and who provided the inheritance.

The required documents can include bank statements, probate court documents, and the will related to the inheritance. If these documents are unavailable, declarations from lawyers, family members, and yourself can substitute.

Required Documents

To go through the EB5 green card process, you should be able to provide several documents that show you gathered your funds lawfully. Some of these documents may need to be translated before submitting your application.

Here are some of the financial documents that are required:

  • Bank Statements 
  • Business Licenses Copies
  • Business Ownership Documents
  • Financial Statements for each business 
  • Sources of Capital Documents
  • Tax Returns for both business and personal accounts

These are just the financial documents that may be required when you start an application for an EB5 green card. There are personal documents like passports, household registration,  and others that are required.

Other required documents regarding the chosen investment project will also be needed. Your chosen regional center should be able to provide documentation on the project you have chosen. 

EB5 Green Card Investment Sources

When you start the process of getting an EB5 green card, it is key to find a regional center that can assist you throughout the entire process. Start by searching regional centers and find one that has the investment opportunities you are looking for. A regional center should help you find the right sources of income for your EB5 investment.

Finding the sources for your EB5 investment is the beginning of becoming a United States citizen. Contact a regional center near you to find out more about where you can gather your EB5 investment amount. These legal experts will be able to help you navigate each part of the process.