Our house viewing checklist will help you identify any red flags during your visit because purchasing a new home is a significant financial commitment. Our house viewing checklist will give you all the advice you need to ensure that when you make an offer on your dream home, you can be confident in your choice. It is designed to help you identify any potential issues a house may be hiding and show you how to pick up on the plus points of a property that other viewers may have missed. Get expert opinion for Free Property Valuation in Bracknell as it helps you know the property’s actual worth and whether the sale price mentioned by the seller/ owner is appropriate.

So here is a list of things you should keep in mind when viewing a property 

Overall condition of the house

Look for any potential problems with the home you inspect before entering it. Verify whether the brickwork has any apparent, noticeable cracks, if the roof appears in excellent shape, if the windows are level with the glass in place, and much more. Additionally, look for damp indications, such as tidemarks or peeling paint. Always check if the rainwater items are intact, missing, or obstructed. If you decide to buy the property, a building assessment will undoubtedly enable you to determine whether factors like cracks are anything to be concerned about. Remember that a building survey differs from a mortgage valuation study and is intended to assess the property’s condition. For a comprehensive understanding of all legal aspects, consulting Geelong conveyancers is advisable.

Is the location good?

You can check this before you see the property. Before touring a property, you probably already know that you like the overall neighbourhood, but please take some time to look into the nearby facilities, schools, and transportation options. It is beneficial to look at what has been done to surrounding houses if you are considering an extension or any other improvements that require planning approval. This can give you some idea of what the local planners are ready to allow.

How has the planning process evolved?

Which conveniently leads us to the past of planning. All the planning applications submitted for the property and their results may be found by quickly searching the planning section of your local council’s website. This is helpful since it may not be the ideal property for you if the house is now too small for you and you would need to build an addition to meet your needs, but multiple applications for additions have already been denied.

How is the Roof’s Condition?

This is a vital assessment, given how expensive it can be to repair a roof. Broken, missing, or slid roof tiles and damaged flashings are indications of roof deterioration from the outside. When evaluating a home for remodelling, you should check the inside for leaks since this will also indicate a weak roof structure. The cost to repair it will depend on the severity of the damage and how long it has been in this state. A few hundred dollars should be enough to replace a few roof tiles, but severe damage may necessitate removing and replacing the entire roof covering, costing thousands of pounds. You will also need to account for the expense of installing new ceilings if the roof has collapsed onto the rooms below.

Transport Links

Many people complain about their commutes, so it’s essential to consider how the location and accessibility will affect how complex or pleasant the trip will be. When your children are old enough, it might be helpful to seek bus routes they can use; this will prevent you from feeling like a taxi service.

Does the plumbing work properly?

When visiting a home, plumbing is another possible costly problem occasionally disregarded. Please find out the boiler’s age, whether it needs any new boiler parts, and the date of its last maintenance by inspecting it. Ask as many questions as you like, or turn on the taps and find out.

Final Thoughts

The last and most crucial step is to look at yourself in space. Do you have a positive impression of it? Do you see yourself residing in this place? Can you picture your whole furniture arrangement in each room and how you would use the kitchen, living room, and bedroom? Are you willing to make the necessary effort to transform it into your own? Does this neighbourhood make you feel at home? If so, you could have discovered the ideal home for you.