For fans of social media, a holiday is not a holiday unless you get to post awesome shots of your adventures on Instagram. And we all know that the better the shot, the more likes we get! If you’re looking for a vacation somewhere that’s not just fab to visit but also offers opportunities for amazing selfies, then Barbados is the place for you. Here are some of the island’s unmissable Instagram shots.

  1. Shipwreck selfies

People have been sailing to Barbados for over 400 years and that’s resulted in a fair few shipwrecks. Indeed, there are around 200 around the island’s coast, some dating back to pirate days and others much more recent. If you’re looking for fantastic underwater shots that are sure to look impressive on your Instagram account, take a diving trip at Carlisle Bay where you’ll find half a dozen wrecks not far from the shore and in very shallow, clear waters. You can even swim through some of them. You won’t just capture the wrecks either, you’ll also get pics of the myriad of sea creatures that have made a home there, including tropical fish, octopi, turtles and seahorses.

  1. Bridgetown UNESCO site

UNESCO World Heritage Sites (WHS) make great backdrops to any holiday selfie, so if you’ve already got the Egyptian pyramids and the Taj Mahal on your feed, make sure, when you visit Barbados, to visit the Bridgetown WHS. This is the historic heart of the capital city, dating back to its early settlement by the British in the 1600s, with major buildings like the Independence Arch, the Barbados Garrison and the Parliament Building.

  1. Mullins Beach

You can’t come on holiday to Barbados without taking a group shot on the beach. Of course, if it’s going to look the business on Instagram, it has to be a proper paradise beach with palm trees, golden sands and crystal-clear waters reaching out to the blue horizon. Thankfully, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to Barbados, however, if we have to recommend one beach for being the most picturesque, then it has to be Mullins Beach on the west coast. What’s more, if you are staying at the nearby Royal Westmoreland, you also get exclusive access to their Beach Club right on Mullins Beach. You’ll be able to grab a refreshing drink all through the day and sample its award-winning menu for lunch on the fabulous beachfront terrace.

  1. Catamaran coastlines

If you’re looking for a great day out exploring, don’t miss the opportunity to take a private catamaran tour around the island’s coastline. You’ll get to see the beautiful island from offshore and take some incredible panoramic shots for your Instagram account. In addition, these tours treat you to top-drawer refreshments, including champagne, and take you to beautiful remote coves, tucked away from the rest of the island, where you can enjoy a private, chef-prepared picnic. On the way back, you’ll get to see one of the most impressive sights, the glorious Caribbean sunset – another must-have for your Instagram.

  1. The Animal Flower Cave

The Animal Flower Cave, at the north of the island, offers the most iconic Barbadian Instagram opportunity. Taken from inside the cave, your selfie will capture you and your companions in the cave’s giant mouth with the stunning Caribbean Sea beyond and the sky reflected in the cave pool at your feet.

Of course, taking a photo is not the only reason to go. The 500,000-year-old Animal Flower Cave has a coral floor which casts fabulous reflections on the inner walls and is also home to beautiful sea anemones that live in its rocky pools, some of which are deep enough to swim in.

  1. Bathsheba breakers

On the east side of Barbados, you’ll find the town of Bathsheba. This is the island’s surfers’ paradise as it faces the Atlantic and is pounded by giant barrel waves that roll in about once every ten seconds. While these can make fantastic photos in themselves, the beach’s other unique features are its rock formations. After millions of years of being bombarded by the ocean, these formations look like otherworldly sculptures and, together with the waves in the background, make for unmissable Instagram shots. Of course, ocean erosion never stops, so these formations change over time and will, eventually, crumble into the surf. Snap them while you can.

  1. The Bridge of Tides

If you are searching for an unusual Instagram image that will play tricks on your viewers’ eyes, then head to Speightstown for a shot of The Bridge of Tides. This isn’t actually a bridge, it’s a 3D mural painted onto the wall of a building. It looks like the wall of the building has crumbled away to reveal a brightly coloured bridge inside with a strange world beyond it. At over eighty feet wide and twenty feet high, it makes for a very interesting selfie.

Where to stay

If you want your holiday to be as Insta-friendly, then the obvious place to stay is Royal Westmoreland; one of the most exclusive Barbados resorts. With 250 luxury villas, townhouses and apartments to choose from, you’re bound to get the glam shot that will make everyone wish they were there. And being situated in a lush, 750-acre tropical landscape overlooking the finest part of the coastline and the Caribbean beyond, you’ll be hard pushed to get better panoramas.

Guests at Royal Westmoreland also get use of its exclusive amenities. These include a championship-class golf course, modern gym, floodlit tennis courts and a variety of tempting eateries, including a Club House, Rum Shak and Beach Club. You’ll also have a housekeeper, private chef service and a superb concierge to recommend the best places and take care of bookings, reservations and transport.

For more information, visit Royal Westmoreland’s Holidays Page.