The Web3 presence Alpha + Momentum embodies Alpha Share’s NFT marketplace, NFT launchpad services as well as Momentum Project’s DeFi investments and innovations.
Started in the heart of a bull market, Alpha Shares had the opportunity to create a new innovative DeFi product that develops value for the investors involved. The project has now successed in that vision by building Alpha Shares — the community-owned NFT Marketplace that disperses ownership participation and enables NFT holders to gain from a rich ecosystem in Web3.
Decentralized Finance technology (DeFi) has always been at the core of what drives the Alpha Shares team, its innovation, and the desire to build unique experiences. Since the launch of the Alpha Shares Marketplace in August, Alpha Shares has been iterating on the roadmap of other DeFi products under its umbrella, and now its unveiling the Alpha Shares’ DeFi Division — Momentum.
Momentum launched on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) with an advanced algorithmic stabilizer token that increases in value and reflects stable coin dividends. One of the unique feature sets of Momentum is its advanced bonding mechanism which feeds the health of the liquidity pool. The treasury from Momentum is unlike many other projects due to the technical aptitude of this division. The treasury is used to invest and incubate new technologies ranging from Proof of Work (PoW), Proof of Stake (PoS), decentralized exchanges, auto compounders, etc.
The creation of the Momentum DeFi Division is a major milestone in the evolution of the Alpha Shares ecosystem. The Alpha Marketplace with its experience and relationships in the NFT marketplace along with the technical prowess of Momentum creates synergistic opportunities not found in any other web3 company.
Just think, what do you get when you combine the power of Alpha Shares NFTs with the power of Momentum’s DeFi technology and investments? Capabilities unlocked. This will allow for an investor to be invested in a project or hold an NFT that gives access to getting dividends from services like PoW and PoS. The NFT mint sales will drive marketplace traffic and returns will be distributed in USDC to holders. That’s a real example of the power of Alpha Shares + Momentum. More information can be found on the Alpha Shares and Momentum website and discord.
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About Alpha Shares
Alpha Shares is a web3 based NFT multichain marketplace built around speed, technology and creating community. Alpha Shares is a hub for collectors, NFT project owners, investors, and enthusiasts with the ability for investors to create passive income through NFT transaction sales. Currently on Avalanche, Alpha Shares NFT Marketplace has plans to expand to the Ethereum change at the end of 2022. Alpha Shares provides launchpad services and marketplace solutions for NFT projects.
About Momentum Project
Momentum is the DeFi division of Alpha Shares. The Momentum brand focuses on innovating DeFi technologies for the upcoming DEX, auto compounder and other DeFi services.