A tech firm, a drinks company, and a home furnisher have been sanctioned a total of almost £87,000 by the Environment Agency for failing to comply with packaging waste regulations designed to protect the environment.

In response to this, Ace Packaging, an eco-friendly packaging company, is urging other businesses to switch to FSC-certified material to store their products in, so that they can avoid facing similar severe financial and reputational damages to their brand.

What Is The FSC?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests.

Founded in 1994, FSC has become a world-renowned forest certification system, promoting sustainability by enabling businesses to choose wood, paper, and other materials sourced from forests for their brands in an environmentally friendly way.

Important Consumer Insights

  • ¾ of people in the UK agree that healthy forests are of crucial importance in the fight against climate change
  • From a study of 1,281 adults*, 6/10 people in the UK assume that most of the wood-based products they buy are from sustainable sources
  • 6/10 also reported becoming more sustainability conscious of both products and packaging
  • 35% say they keep an eye out for certification labels when shopping for forest-based products
  • 76% of people in the UK now recognise the FSC logo
  • 63% of people in the UK say they would have a more positive opinion of a brand if they invested in eco friendly products and packaging
  • The three most popular products bought in FSC packaging were drinks (21%), food (19%), and online purchases (18%)

Ace Packaging advises that businesses should opt for FSC-sourced packaging for their products; it is more affordable, environmentally friendly, and overall better for your brand as sustainable packaging becomes an increasingly important factor in decision-making for customers.

Using FSC Material In Your Products

The Environment Agency has revealed the three sanctioned companies that failed to comply with packaging waste regulations: Softcat PLC, Sazerac UK Limited, and La-Z-Boy UK Limited.

Specifically, all three failed to comply with the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007, which required businesses to fund the recycling of packaging waste that they place on the UK market.

All three paid money to charities that will help provide and protect local wildlife habitats. As a business, using FSC-sourced, cardboard packaging can help you avoid facing such financial damages in the future.

Where to use FSC-certified material: 

As a company that uses FSC material, Ace Packaging strongly suggests businesses begin implementing such eco-friendly packaging into their products to mitigate environmental damage and avoid paying hefty fines and improve their relationship with consumers.

Ace Packaging offers bespoke, FSC-certified packaging with custom sizing and a general lead time of 4-6 weeks. Get a free quote from them on packaging solutions today.