It is widely known that Cyprus is one of the ultimate summer destinations; its Mediterranean climate with the sun shining all day, the delicious local cuisine, the history, the exciting nightlife, the beautiful beaches and all kinds of stunning natural landscapes make it people’s favourite place.

What if we told you that you don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy this paradise. Cyprus can easily be included in the best winter destinations as well. Paphos, the beautiful coastal city in the southwest of the island, alone offers a great variety of reasons to visit it in winter. Below you will discover some of them!

Reason 1: Mild Winters

People who are not huge fans of winter but they do want to go on winter holidays will adore Paphos. The temperate Mediterranean climate of Cyprus ensures that no extreme weather conditions will be reported. To be more exact, the temperatures in winter fluctuate around 10 °C. Snowfalls are pretty rare in the area. Rainfalls are frequent, but they don’t last long.

Reason 2: Sightseeing

Since swimming is out of the question in winter —although there are many people who continue doing their favourite sport on the amazing beaches in Paphos all year round— this is the perfect opportunity to devote your time to exploring the city and seeing all the sights. You must definitely spend many hours at the Pafos Archaeological Park. This park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it consists of monuments from the prehistoric era and the Roman period. The Odeon, the Agora, the Tombs of the Kings and the floor mosaics in the House of Dionysus are the most remarkable in the park. The Paphos Archaeological Museum is also a great spot to be. Of course, walks in the Old Town and around the modern city centre are always a good idea.

Reason 3: Road Trip

After you have finished with the sights in Paphos, you can check out what the villages and regions around this beautiful city have to offer. Take your car and explore the picturesque villages and the natural landscapes all around. If you haven’t got a car, you can hire one on Enjoy Travel. You will be able to compare hire cars and book the one that is perfect for you. You can then visit beautiful villages like Fyti, admire the breathtaking view from the Akamas Peninsula or even go skiing in Troodos Mountains.

Reason 4: Economical Deals

You will do yourself a favour if you travel to Paphos in January or February. Tourists are scarce in Paphos during these off-season months. This entails that not only will you have the space and the freedom to explore Paphos comfortably but also flight tickets and accommodation will be cheaper because the demand is not as high as in other seasons.

We have to mention that if you can afford a Christmas holiday, Paphos is a great destination. The whole city is bright with all the lights and the decorations. Christmas markets, festivals and parties are organised so that people can get together and celebrate this lovely holiday.