We all know that tech is transforming every industry out there, but today we are going to look specifically at dentistry and how much it has changed the industry for the better. Safer, quicker and less invasive treatments have all come as a result of better technology. Whilst it is mainly private dentists that are able to make the most of this technology currently, who knows what the future will hold. So, let’s look into some amazing tech that is changing dentistry!

5D Scanning

First up we have 5D scanning. This piece of tech has been used in dentistry for a few years now and it is increasing in popularity, as it is highly beneficial for both patients and for dentists. It enables dentists to create highly accurate mock ups of exactly what a patients teeth will look like after a treatment, so this gives patients the opportunity to make an informed decision whilst also giving dentists the perfect opportunity to encourage them to commit to the treatment.

Another big benefit for patients is that there is no longer the need for unpleasant moulds of the teeth to be taken, as a quick scan does the exact same thing. It is changes like this that are really making a difference to patient’s experience.

Every dental surgery will use 5D scanning in slightly different ways, but one thing that is for sure is that it is making a significant different to both patients and dentists.

3D Printing

Next up we have 3D printing, which is truly revolutionising dentistry. The possibilities are really endless and it has become a hugely successful model in dentistry. It is used in conjunction with the 5D scanning to create a quick and seamless process for dentists and patients. It can be used to create custom teeth if a patients is missing or damaged, it can create full orthodontic models, it can produce crowns, bridges and caps and it can even be used to create specific surgical tools needed to complete particular procedures.

After the initial investment, it saves dentists so much money by enabling them to produce the pieces they need themselves, rather than outsourcing every time. It also saves the patients money, as the savings made by the dentists are inevitably reflected in the price of the treatments. It also allows procedures to be much quicker and more accurate, making results better and patients happier.

Overall, 3D printing has transformed the world of dentistry and we are sure that this is going to continue to pave the way for advancements in the coming years.

Smart Toothbrushes

Last but not least we have smart toothbrushes, which have built in motors that can identify where you are moving the brush around your mouth as well as the speed. Based on this information, you can then access guidance through an app as to areas you are missing, where you are brushing too much or too little, to help improve your oral hygiene significantly and reduce the risk of dental dangers arising. You may think that you are cleaning your teeth really thoroughly, but in fact there are improvements you need to make. Our oral health is just as important as the rest of our body, and investment in a smart toothbrush can help you to actively make improvements away inbetween checkups with your dentist and hygienist.

Final Thoughts

The world of tech is constantly changing, so who knows what the future of dentistry will look like in a few years time. However, the incredible changes enabled by the technology we have introduced today certainly gives us hope that the only way is up in terms of what is to come.