When warm weather is around you, you might be looking to get in shape and thinking of dropping extra pounds. But the transition from winter’s bulking season to summer’s shorts can be challenging for you. There is no shortcut to long-lasting fitness and you have to go through the recommended tips and tricks to get in shape.

Switch to a high-protein diet

If your plate is filled with hash browns, bread, and chips, you might want to rethink your fuel source. After all, nutrition is 80% of the fitness equation and you cannot out-train a poor diet. Not only does protein help build muscle mass, but also boosts your metabolism. A great rule of thumb is that aim for 30g of protein per meal or one gram per pound every day. Looking for high-quality protein, you can start taking pork, chicken, beef, and dairy. Want no meat? No problem. Go for plant-based, dairy, rice, beans, etc.

Drink more water

From flushing toxins to boosting our immune system, staying hydrated is the key to weight loss. A full glass of water before meals acts as an appetite suppressant and increases your energy expenditure and burns more calories. Looking to speed up the process? Add a bit of ice to your glass or have a Mate Mate energy drink which is naturally caffeinated.

Prioritize your compound movements

When it comes to strength training, go for the movements most and engage in the exercise that involves more than 2 or more different muscle groups, think bench press, squats, and dead lifts. Not only do compound movements per rep, but they also include real-life movement patterns such as pushing, pulling, and pressing which allows you to move more efficiently in daily life.

Increase time under tension

Time under tension is the real growth you can make in terms of muscle growth and weight loss. Slowing down your tempo of the eccentric or concentric portion of a movement can increase your muscle growth. Since lean mass burns more calories and also increases calories you burn at rest. When slowing down your lifts, make sure you concentrate on the forms.

Focus on HIIT workouts

Instead of choosing steady slower walks on the treadmills, opt for high-intensity interval training. By alternating between burst of all-out activity and periods of rest-say 20 seconds on and 20 seconds off, you will burn more calories at a faster pace? Since it takes up less time, there is no excuse to fit in a workout, which likely increases a sweat session. The best part is that you have burned some fat and calories that will keep you strong but HIIT is the most effective workout to burn more calories without much extra effort.

Join a training group or workout partner

By joining a training group, you will add an extra layer of accountability. Workout in a group helps you entertain while you exercise and also don’t want to miss the workout session with them. It would be easy for you to leave the bed when you know someone is waiting out there for you. You will also perform harder on your fitness journey with a group or partner.

Set tangible athletic goals

Wanting to lose 10lbs? But make sure you are prepared to lose more pounds beyond the scale. Signing up for a race, marathon, or fun run will work towards your fitness journey. Make a realistic goal according to your potential and break them into parts and achieve them slowly.


Fitness is a journey and not a destination because once you stop it, the weight gain and an unshaped body almost happens. Don’t treat fitness like a young age passion but it is a lifelong lifestyle that helps you enjoy every stage of life. So, go for it and stay healthy forever.