Thanks to UK based digital platform KindLink the way businesses approach philanrophy is now changing. KindLink have integrated ESG & SDG reporting within its platform. This allows businesses to successfully & effortlessly track & publicise charitable work and initiatives they are involved in.

Regarding Kindlink’s integration of ESG & SDG reporting, CEO & Co-Founder Iskren Kulev has said:

“Since the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment report in 2006, Environmental, Social & Governing factors (ESG) criteria have become key metrics for measuring both the financial health of companies and the fundamental culture behind the corporate exterior, influencing both investors and customers who prioritise sustainability as a primary engagement factor.

We’re constantly looking at new innovations which will support businesses that want to be accountable for their impact on the environment and society – ESG has increasingly become more important for organisations, and our dedicated platform provides a space to measure and share ESG & SDG success.”

Key features

– KindLink collates multiple points of your corporate responsibility data and provides easily interpreted reporting on current ESG & SDG performance
– Compatibility with all impact data, from CO2 offsetting and energy saved to facts and figures shared by the non-profits you support
– Motivate employees & stakeholders by showcasing the positive real-world impact of your ESG activity

To book a demo of the platform please follow the link:

About Kindlink

Incorporated in 2015, KindLink was conceived with the goal of bringing better clarity and transparency to the charity sector by providing a platform to support charities in gaining awareness for their causes and raising funding.

The Kindlink platform has evolved to provide companies with an all-encompassing cloud-based sustainability solution for managing CSR effortlessly while supporting charities with everything from fundraising to attracting new supporters through Kindlink’s marketplace for opportunities.


CEO: Iskren Kulev