Judge Vincent Chiu is running against attorney Aldo Bartolone for the position of judge for Florida’s 9th judicial circuit. Ethical issues in the race.

Mr. Chiu is doing everything he can to be likable: pictures with his wife, pictures with the kids, and even pictures with the dog. For some, this might look as if Vincent is running for HOA president election. Vincent wants to be likable. He also reminds us that he is of Chinese descent in special ads. That he’s the first Chinese judge.

It seems like his decisions as Judge Chiu may be viewed as trying to please the masses if he has been preparing for re-elections for the last few years. Can you be the judge of who Vincent Chiu has been serving… More of himself rather than serve justice?! We would never know because judges are quite powerful, they can do whatever they want, and judges support judges and appeals barely succeed, especially against a likable judge.

So how far would Vincent Chiu, the incumbent judge, go to keep his seat?

Like a presiding judge, Vincent Chiu has been requesting attorneys and law firms to vouch for him in public. Judge Vincent Chiu asked, or caused the questioner on his behalf, attorneys and their law firms to be his online testimonials. Does it sound fair or ethical?! There have been too many times where the behavior of Judge Vincent Chiu is unethical and unnecessary. Moreover, it is also unfair to Attorney Aldo Bartolone who can definitely win and be having lawyers pleading in front of him who were vouching, in a way, against him.

How Can The 9th Judicial Circuit Court Approve Such Tinted Judicial Elections?
How Can The 9th Judicial Circuit Court Approve Such Tinted Judicial Elections?

It should be assumed that these forced testimonials are influential in the decision-making on election day in a restaurant in Orange County and therefore, the attorneys and their law firms would be standing in newly-elected judge Vincent Chiu’s court and expecting the judge to return them a favor. Or should we say, for Vincent to return them a favor? After all, they helped him to keep his job so he should help them to keep theirs. Maybe by sliding the scale of justice a little bit in their favor?

Wouldn’t you expect, an attorney who just helped the judge to be re-elected that he will return a favor? After all, Vincent demonstrated to us that he’s just the simple, ordinary, loving father and husband with a cute pet. Judging based on Vincent’s own presentation of family pictures, it’s only fair to assume that such an emotional ordinary person, like Vincent, will see in his heart to return the favor to his fellow lawyers and their entire law firms, for helping Vincent keep his job. So how does a judge return a favor? By keeping the scale of justice in the favor of those who helped him.

Judge Vincent Chiu did more than that. Maybe directly and consciously, or maybe indirectly and subconsciously, he made to make sure that the entire law firm of that “good boy attorney” who played along with the judge in this possibly unethical judicial behavior, will not only be personally rewarded but his or her entire law firm is somehow also dragged into this rubbing backs predicament.

Shouldn’t incumbent judges simply rely on their fair and professional judicial judgments? Should judges try to be likable or simply do their job with fair judgments? Should we elect judges because they have cute kids, a beautiful wife, and a lovely dog? Or should we elect judges that know how to make tough cold judicial decisions regardless of whether they will be likable or not?

Should the race card be played in the race for the judicial seat?


Is it ethical for a judge to ask, directly or indirectly, to be elected because he’s of a minority Chinese? If so, wouldn’t residents of Orange County prefer a Latino judge, like potentially judge Aldo Bartolone, of the same descent as so many Latinos in Florida? If Vincent Chiu is playing the cards of minority Chinese, shouldn’t Aldo Bartolone with his Columbian wife, be reminding voters that Aldo Bartolone will actually be more understanding of their situation than a Chinese judge?

We encourage anybody who feels, or knows, that judge Vincent Chiu has ruled against them unfairly because he wanted to be likable to potential voters,  to let us know.

9th Circuit Court Florida – Administrative Judges

Judge Tina Caraballo, Judge John E. Jordan, Judge Alicia L. Latimore, Judge Michael Murphy, Judge Renee A. Roche, Judge Heather Pinder Rodriguez, Judge Margaret H. Schreiber, Judge Kevin B. Weiss

How Can The 9th Judicial Circuit Court Approve Such Tinted Judicial Elections?
How Can The 9th Judicial Circuit Court Approve Such Tinted Judicial Elections?

Here are the lawyers, lawfirms and individuals that may feel judge Vincent Chiu owes them a favor or that judge Vincent Chiu 

AttorneyLaw FirmEndorsement
Jeff AaronGrayRobinson, P.A.Awesome judge!
Stephanie AlcaldeAlcalde Legal
Judge Chiu has been a great addition to the bench, especially the Family bench. Judge Chiu is always prepared for his hearings. Judge Chiu makes sure everyone is treated respectfully and has an opportunity to be heard.
Riley AllenRiley Allen Law
Judge Chiu has certainly made a positive and lasting impression on virtually every attorney he’s come in contact with, and that is saying something. Besides, he plays the guitar, is not afraid to sing in public, and is a great Dad and husband! Doesn’t get any better.
Victoria AndersonAnderson & Ferrin, Attorneys at Law, P.A.
I cannot say enough about how good Judge Chiu has done as a Judge. He was assigned to the family division with no family experience and he came in and literally hit the ground running. He educated himself on the area of law, makes fair rulings and is easy to work with. As a practicing family law attorney I can say without a doubt for me to be able to do my job we need Judges that do theirs and Judge Chiu is one of them. Please help us keep him.
Michael V. AndrianoThe Law Office of Michael L. Dear, PLLC
Judge Chiu embodies everything the judiciary should be: diverse, compassionate, empathetic, and knowledgeable. With these characteristics, Judge Chiu solidifies that authenticity opens every door everyday, there is no better choice. Judge Chiu’s extensive experience at the state level, federal level, and his time already on the bench, make this is one of the easiest endorsements I have ever made and I wholeheartedly advise that family, friends, and the citizens of Orange and Osceola counties support his candidacy.
Phil ArcherState Attorney, 18th Judicial Circuit
It is with great pleasure that I hearby endorse and support Judge Vincent Chiu for the position of Circuit Judge in the 9th Judicial Circuit. I have known Judge Chiu for many years, and I am confident that he will continue to bring his work ethic, professionalism and a strong committment to justice to his courtroom. It is vital that we keep good people on the bench to ensure the protection of our legal system. I believe Judge Chiu is well qulaified and deserves to continue his service to the 9th Circuit as a Circuit Court Judge. Please join me in supporting Judge Vincent Chiu for Circuit Court Judge.
Eric H. BarkerNejame Law
Judge Chiu is a model judge. He is intelligent, patient, impartial, and treats both sides equally and with respect. Litigants always get a fair opportunity to present their side of the case. We need to keep Judge Chiu on the bench.
Michael BeaudineLatham, Luna, Eden & Beaudine, LLPJudge Chiu is an asset to our judiciary.
Michele Mary BernardHolistic Legal, P.A.
I fully endorse Judge Chiu for re-election to our local judiciary. I have been impressed with his professionalism, attention to detail, his ability to exercise “common sense” and to see the “big picture”, and most importantly his level of care and concern for the children and families of our community. The safety and well-being of children has been the priority in all of the cases I have had before him. When I see that a case I have just filed or have taken on is assigned to him, I breathe a sigh of relief because I know that he will focus on making the right decisions with a lot of heart which is in the best interests and fair to all parties. Judge Chiu is committed to serving our community and I sincerely hope he has the ability to continue. He has my vote and hopefully yours too!
Brian BieberGrayRobinson, P.A.
I recently appeared before Judge Chiu in a major case involving the death of Bob Saget. I had no dealings with Judge Chiu prior to that, neither personal nor professional. The case involved a highly sensitive matter which also had the complication of national media attention. Judge Chiu handled the case in a professional, compassionate and expeditious manner, and amongst the best I have encountered in my 27 years of practicing law. Judge Chiu is knowledge of the law and case management skills impressed me (and clearly everyone in the Courtroom and at all hearings). I respectfully, and strenuously, endorse Judge Chiu for the Circuit Court Bench.
Tammy BransonBransonLaw
Judge Chiu is a judge that wants to be fair and respectful to the parties that come before him. I support his reelection endeavors. He is an asset to the Ninth Judicial.
Michael B. BrehneLaw Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A.
As a practicing attorney for 25 years, I have come to know Judge Chiu and find him to be a very experienced prosecuting attorney and judge. He has a superior knowledge of the law and procedure and exercises his judgment and discretion with absolute fairness and deference to both sides of the argument. I highly recommend his re-election!
Jack BrennanGrayRobinson, P.A.Judge Chiu is a fantastic Judge with a stellar reputation.
Christina BuchanThe Law Office of Christina Buchan, P.A.
Judge Chiu is very knowledgeable of the law and is acutely aware of how his ruling affects the people’s lives before him. Judge Chiu is kind, thoughtful, and fair.
Benjamin BurnstineClausen Miller P.C
As an attorney who has appeared before Judge Chiu on many occasions, I can say that Judge Chiu always exudes the utmost professionalism and always treats everyone with the fairness and respect they deserve.
Michael CabornWinderweedle, Haines, Ward & Woodman, P.A.
I’m proud of Judge Chiu’s service to Central Florida as a Federal prosecutor and Judge.
Nathan P CarterColling Gilbert Wright & Carter
I fully endorse Judge Chiu. He has the perfect skills background and demeanor to be a wise and fair Judge.
Andrew J ChmelirJacobson, Chmelir & Ferwerda
I have known Judge Chiu for many years. While he was a federal prosecutor I handled countless cases against him as an adversary. When he took the bench, I had the privilege of litigating his first divorce trial. Consequently, I am uniquely qualified to speak regarding his credentials. As a federal prosecutor he was highly regarded as one the most honest, diligent, prepared, skilled and well respected Assistant United States Attorneys in the Middle District of Florida; my view of Judge Chiu is shared by my fellow federal criminal defense attorneys as well as the federal judiciary. Similarly, these same attributes have served him well as a judge. Without exception, Judge Chiu is fair, extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and, above all, he adheres to the rule of law. In summary, Judge Chiu is an asset to our legal community and my law firm and I wholeheartedly support him.
Stephen C. L. ChongMateer & Harbert, P.A.
Judge Chiu is personable, articulate, and even tempered. These are all essential qualities for a good Judge.
Vincent A. CitroHorwitz & Citro, P.A.
I have known Judge Chiu for many years. We worked together for several years and I know Judge Chiu is committed to following the law and serving this community.
Alexander M. ClemMorgan & Morgan
He’s a hard working and high quality jurist who is fundamentally fair to all parties in a case.
Corey CohenLaw Office of Corey Cohen & Associates
I first met Judge Chiu when he was an Assistant United States Attorney with the middle district. He was always very honest and open and never tried to hide the ball as a prosecutor. It was always a pleasure knowing he would be an opposing party on a case. As a Judge he is compassionate and has the perfect temperment needed for the job. The citizens of Orange and Osceola County are lucky to have him.
Kristin J. CoffeyGreen Family Law, P.A.
Judge Chiu cares about following the law and making well reasoned decisions based on the evidence presented.
Tom and Deborah CookDeborah A. Cook, P.A.
Judge Chiu has been such an asset on the Family Law Bench. He is an exceptionally kind and thoughtful person and Judge. Please get out and vote! We are proud to endorse Judge Chiu.
Michael J. CortesCortes & Medina, PLLC
Judge Chiu has shown an incredible ability to be fair, insightful, and extremely knowledgeable of the law as well how it affects people and our community. He is an example of what our judiciary should be.
Rachael CrewsGrayRobinson, P.A.Judge Chiu is an excellent judge and a credit to the bench!
John CrossmanCrossMarc Services
Judge Chiu is an intelligent, wise and compassion man who serves our community. I am grateful for his commitment to serving and hope to see continue to be a Circuit Judge for as long as possible. He makes our community a better place to live.
Richard DellingerDan Newlin Injury Attorneys
I first met Judge Chiu nearly a decade ago he was an Assistant United States Attorney. He treated me and my clients very fairly while effectively advocating for justice. Before his selection as a Circuit Judge, Judge Chiu was a highly respected attorney who is dedicated to his family and his community. Now, as a Judge, he has the right temperament and is extremely diligent in his preparation. I wholeheartedly support and endorse Judge Chiu and encourage the community to Keep Judge Chiu!
Eric DemingMorgan & MorganJudge Chiu is a fair and thoughtful jurist. He is an asset to the Ninth Circuit.
John DillJohn W. Dill, P.A.
Judge Chiu has the perfect temperament for the bench. He prepares, listens to both sides and ultimately makes the right decisions. He is a credit to the profession and I whole heartedly endorse him.
Justin J. DonovanMorgan & Morgan, P.A.
Judge Vincent Chiu is well respected in the Central Florida legal community. He is a tireless advocate of fair and equal justice for all. I am honored to endorse him.
Ava DoppeltAllen Dyer Doppelt Gilchrist, P.A.
Judge Chiu is smart and fair and thoughtful–exactly the kind of judge we should be proud of on our 9th Circuit bench.
Joe DunnMorgan & Morgan
Judge Chiu is a knowledgeable and fair decision-maker. We need more like him on the bench.
Dan EckhartDan Eckhart Law
Judge Chiu and I worked together when he was hired as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Orlando. I believe the importance he placed on his family, his faith and activities outside of work made him a well-rounded federal prosecutor and now judge. He never personalized matters and tried to “do justice” in every case he handled. I have tremendous respect for his ethics and character and know of no better candidate for judge.
Kevin FedotovLegal Serve USA
Judge Chiu is an exceptional human being with strong character and passion for community. His passion for justice is exactly the reason he is a perfect for this seat!
Michael FerrinAnderson & Ferrin
Judge Chiu came to the Family Law bench with little to no experience in Family Law, yet from day one you wouldn’t have known it from the work that he did on the bench. He was always read on the file, knowledgeable of the law, and most of all fair to the parties. Judge Chiu is an asset to the bench and our community and we all need to come together to ensure that he stays on the bench.
Hubert Kyle Fletcher Jr.Fletcher Law FirmImpeccable.
John Wayne FosterFamily Complex Litigation & Collaborative Group
Judge Chiu is seeking re-election as Circuit Judge for all of the right reasons–he has the sincere and heart-felt desire to provide service to our community as a dedicated member of our judiciary. Judge Chiu is hard-working and knowledgeable, and ensures that his actions are guided by fairness and common sense, and with the temperament and demeanor that we want in our judges. I highly endorse the re-election of Judge Chiu.
Skip FowlerFowler, Feenery and AssociatesHe is a quality man and first-rate Judge.
Ady GossMorgan & MorganGreat judge with integrity, professionalism and preparation.
Caryn GreenGreen Family Law
Judge Chiu is always respectful, knowledgeable, prepared, timely and humble. He reads everything before a hearing, he asks good questions, is knowledgeable regarding the evidence code and objections and is very approachable. Judge Chiu has everything you want in a fair and impartial judge. Judge Chiu is actively involved with many local organizations and makes it a point to attend the meetings, mingle with all lawyers (new and seasoned) and get to know the lawyers who appear in front of him on a personal level. Judge Chiu, like all judges, demands civility in his courtroom. He teaches it by way of example in the way he speaks with lawyers, litigants, his deputies and everyone I have seen him encounter. He is always friendly and professional. It is with pleasure that I and my firm endorse Judge Chiu.
Cord GrimesMorgan & Morgan, P.A.
Judge Chiu has a great reputation and will continue to be a fair Judge for all litigants and parties before him.
David HaasHaas Law, PLLC
I have known Judge Chiu for more than 15 years. He’s smart, compassionate, and fair. Without hesitation, he should be re-elected! I fully support Judge Chiu!
Lauren HeatwoleHeatwole Law Firm, P.A.Excellent Judge.
David HeilDavid R. Heil, P.A.Great Judge!
Dylan J. HooperMorgan & Morgan
As a trial attorney in central Florida I have an interest in making sure that we have the best judiciary across our circuits. Judge Chiu is fair, diligent and deeply understands the issues the come before him.
Donna C. HungDonna Hung Law Group
Judge Chiu is an example of what every judge should strive to be on the bench, he is knowledgeable, professional, fair, composed, and efficient. He has my firm and complete endorsement.
Joshua JacobsonMorgan & MorganJudge Chiu is a fair and unbiased legal thinker and a great judge.
Karen S JennemannRetired Attorney and Bankruptcy Judge
I knew Judge Chiu during his 12 year tenure with the Orlando Division of the US Attorney’s Office. He is respected, diligent, smart, articulate, fair, and now has demonstrated his superior skills as a Circuit Court Judge. He is a tremendous asset to the Ninth Judicial Circuit and should retain his position.
Jay JohnsonSelf-Employed
Judge Chiu and his family have been in my life for over 15 years. It is my honor to speak on his behalf.
Rajan JoshiJoshi Law Firm, P.A.
I have know Judge Chiu since he was a federal prosecutor. He has always had a reputation for being fair and just. That reputation still followed him when he took the bench. He is a stellar judge who seeks to always do the right thing. He is intelligent, compassionate and seeks to make the right decision in every case he is confronted with. His integrity is second to none and he is the absolute model judge. I fully endorse and support Judge Chiu!!!
S. Maxwell KarrickMorgan & Morgan
Judge Chiu’s personal and professional background bring a wealth of experience and insight to the bench, crucial to a jurisdiction as diverse as the Ninth Circuit. His calm demeanor and unwavering fairness are what every practitioner hope to encounter entering the courtroom.
Norberto KatzVeliz Katz Law
Judge Chiu is an excellent Judge who possesses all the attributes we look for in a jurist. He is extremely knowledgeable of the law, is patient and most importantly is fair to all who appear before him. In essence, he is a model in what we expect of our judges.
Kristopher KestKest Family Law, P.A.
Judge Chiu has done a great job on the bench. He has a wonderful judicial demeanor, a commendable work ethic, and he issues prompt and thoughtful rulings.
Emily KonicekKonicek LawJudge Chiu is professional and knowledgeable. Excellent Judge!
Gregory KrakInsurance Dispute Law Group
I’ve heard the following about Judge Chiu from local attorneys who have appeared before him: good judge; great demeanor; fair.
Frank KruppenbacherAttorney
Judge Chiu has the demeanor,judgement and patience that makes him a great Judge!
Peter G LathamLatham, Luna, Eden & Beaudine LLPGood Judge and very fair and objective.
Carina M. LeesonKendrick Law Group
Judge Chiu is an amazing judge dedicated to serving our community with professionalism, fairness and compassion. His experience and wisdom bring so much value to the Bench and to the people who practice before him and the citizens who rely upon his judgment. Keep Judge Chiu!
Leia LeitnerWilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker, LLP
Judge Chiu demonstrates the proper judicial temperament for the bench. He is patient, courteous, humble, understanding, firm, compassionate, and intelligent. These are qualities of a good judge and characteristics of an individual that should occupy a seat at the bench. He is also active in the community, speaks to local high school students to motivate them to become leaders, and employs a commitment to paying it forward. For these reasons, I wholeheartedly endorse Judge Chiu and support keeping Judge Chiu as Circuit Judge.
C. D. Lewis, Jr.Lewis and Massey, P.A.
I am pleased to endorse Judge Chiu as he is intelligent, professional, and fair and respectful to both parties that come before him. I appreciate his service to our community as a Federal prosecutor and now as a Circuit Judge in the Ninth Circuit.
Scott J LiottaDan Newlin Injury Attorneys
Judge Chiu is a credit to his profession and the Judiciary. His distinguished resume as a practitioner and judge has established his diverse jurisprudential competency. During his practice and his time on the bench, Judge Chiu has earned the respect of his peers in the legal community.
Christine J. LomasLomasLaw, P.A.
Judge Chiu is one of the best judges I have ever practiced before. His demeanor and graciousness puts parties at ease, and his reasonableness on the bench is beyond compare. He is a true benefit to the Ninth Circuit.
Maegen Peek LukaNewsome Melton
Judge Chiu because possesses all of characteristics of the very best judges. He is was a long-time litigator, so he can relate to issues presented to him by litigants. He is incredibly smart and can quickly parse throughout complicated legal arguments. Most importantly, he maintains the highest fairness and ethical standards–and expects the same from those who practice before him. Litigants might not agree with the outcome of Judge Chiu’s rulings, but odds are they will agree that the rulings were fair. We are lucky to have Judge Chiu serving our circuit.
Stephen C. LynchMorgan & Morgan
Judge Chiu will maintain the integrity and firmness of the bench and is a fair and impartial person who will uphold the values and interests of the legal profession and the Central Florida community.
Michael A. MandevilleColling Gilbert Wright & Carter
Judge Chiu is a highly competent and fair judge who serves the Ninth Judicial Circuit with honor and integrity.
Josh MartellMartell Family Law Firm, P.A.
I had the privilege of practicing in front of Judge Chiu in the family law division for multiple years. He is everything a practitioner could look for in a judge. He is intelligent, attentive, compassionate, fair, and hard working. He is truly an asset to our community, and we are blessed to have him serving our community as long as he is willing.
Carlos A. MartinForest Lake Law, P.A.
As a son of immigrants, it is vital that we see judges on the bench that look like us, share our life experiences, and reflect our values. Judge Chiu is an effective advocate for fairness who knows the importance of honesty and hard work. He devotes a significant amount of time and effort working in the community through the Orange County Bar Association, the George C. Young American Inn of Court, the Greater Orlando Asian American Bar Association, and the Central Florida Association of Women Lawyers. He is approachable, engaging, and genuinely committed to making sure justice is served. Please join me in voting for Vincent Chiu for Circuit Judge.
W. Doug MartinMorgan & MorganGreat person and Judge!
Keersten Heskin MartinezHeskin Martinez Law Group
We need to keep great judges and Judge Chiu is one of them. I have had personal experience in front of him as an attorney and he has always been diligent in making sure he applied the law correctly and fairly. He has always been respectful to both attorneys and litigants, even when some have made it difficult. He is a humble public servant and is truly doing this because he wants to serve the public. We miss him on the Family Law Bench but know he is a great asset on the Civil Bench.
Joaquin (Quino) E. MartinezLowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, P.A.
Judge Chiu is a devoted husband and father who has dedicated his career to public service. He is a tremendous asset to the bar and the Central Florida community.
Bryan MatthewsThe Nation Law FirmWe need good experienced judges in Orange County.
Felipe MavromatisMorgan & MorganFair and level headed.
Willliam McAfeeMorgan & MorganVery respected jurist.
Meghan McShaneMcShane & McShane Law Firm, P.A.
Judge Chiu is thoughtful, impartial, and efficient. I thoroughly endorse Judge Chiu!
Melisa MedinaCortes & Medina, LLC
Judge Chiu is extremely knowledgeable of the law! During court proceedings, Judge Chiu treats attorneys and clients with the utmost respect. I appreciate Judge Chiu for his fairness and direction.
Karen MiddlekauffLosey PLLC
Judge Chiu is a fair, practical and smart judge. He makes my clients feel like he hears them, reads every pleading and brief and makes well-reasoned and carefully considered decisions. He has helped my clients make good decisions in the height of emotion. He should undoubtedly be re-elected.
Phillip MoellerMorgan & Morgan, P.A.I endorse Judge Chiu! Excellent judge and member of the community.
Mary Kate MoranMorgan & Morgan
Judge Chiu is an upstanding candidate and certainly one that is up for the task ahead of him as a Judge.
Matt MorganMorgan & Morgan
Judge Chiu is highly intelligent, professional and fair to all parties in a courtroom. He has my strongest endorsement.
Christopher MorrisonChristopher H Morrison, P,A,
I strongly endorse Judge Chiu to remain on the Circuit Bench in Orange county. Judge Chiu has demonstrated the utmost in knowledge and education of the laws and rules governing the Florida courts. Even more important is his demeanor and approachability as a circuit judge. Judge Chiu clearly has “the right stuff” to continue as one of our Circuit Judges. I strongly recommend that each of us get out and votes for Judge Chiu!
Mark NationThe Nation Law Firm
Judge Chiu is one of the very finest jurists in Central Florida. He is well-regarded by the attorneys on both sides of cases. Judge Chiu is always prepared to address the issues brought before him and treats all parties, counsel and witnesses with dignity and respect. We are truly blesses to have him as one of our judges.
Mark NeJameNeJame Law
Judge Chiu exemplifies the highest standards of integrity, qualifications, temperament, and fairness as a judge. Our firm first dealt with Judge Chiu previously when he was a federal prosecutor. He never deviated from his decency, professionalism, or open mindedness on any case our firm had with him. Since his appointment to the bench, Judge Chiu has continued his dedication to the highest standards within our profession. He deserves and has earned the right to be returned and I extend my strong support to keep Judge Vincent Chiu as Circuit Court Judge.
John NotariSigman & Notari
Our office endorses Judge Chiu 100%. Judge Chiu has always conducted himself with the integrity to fulfill his office.
Mark M. O’MaraO’Mara Law Group
Judge Chiu has evidenced an excellent understanding of the law, and more importantly, how the law affects the citizens he serves. He honors our profession by how he handles himself and his cases. And he can sing!
Alberto OliveriMorgan & MorganFair and knowledgeable.
Stephanie Adler-PaindirisJackson Lewis PC
I wholeheartedly endorse Judge Chiu. The integrity of our judiciary is critical to maintaining a functional democracy. We need to trust our judicial officers to follow the law as independent officers without bias or prejudice. Judge Chiu is not only brilliant, he is ethical, maintains the highest integrity and is committed to doing the right thing under the law, regardless of his own opinions. The bench needs more judges like Judge Chiu and would encourage anyone voting to learn about him and cast a vote for him. Our community would be well-served by ensuring he is on the bench for as long as he is willing to be of service.
Spencer PayneMorgan & Morgan, P.A.
As a former prosecutor, Judge Chiu understands the importance maintaining access to courts and the jury trial system.
Susan M. PayneMorgan & Morgan
Judge Chiu is always well-prepared, knowledgeable and respectful of all who come before him. He is a kind person dedicated to our community and he is a great asset to the Ninth Judicial Circuit bench.
Belvin Perry, Jr.Former Chief Judge 9th Circuit
Judge Chiu has done an outstanding job as a judge. He is fair, hard working and a student of the law. I’m proud to support his campaign.
A. Brian PhillipsA. Brian Phillips, P.A.
Judge Chiu is fair, honest, trustworthy, and diligent — all the great qualities of a fine jurist.
T. Todd PittengerGrayRobinson, P.A.
Judge Chiu is a dedicated and intelligent jurist whom we are very fortunate to have on the state court bench, following his successful career as a federal prosecutor.
Irene PonsMy Orlando LawyerKnowledgeable, Fair and Comprehensive Judge.
Jason PughPugh Law Office, P.A.
Judge Chiu – a former federal prosecutor – has the legal and life experience we need to keep on the bench. Go Judge Chiu!
Princess RamirezAlcalde Legal
I am proud to say Judge Chiu has shown open-mindedness, courtesy, tact, firmness, compassion, and humility toward the citizens of Osceola and Orange County. I look forward to seeing his continuous work and progress for our community.
Varun RamnarineMorgan & Morgan, P.A.
Judge Chiu is knowledgeable and always well-prepared. He treats the parties and counsel with respect.
Alecia ReadingLaw Office of Alecia Reading
Judge Chiu has the demeanor and attitude that all judges should have…calm, respectful and professional. Too many judges outwardly show their irritation, both at litigants and attorneys. Finding someone who can preside over sensitive and emotional cases with a kind and thoughtful approach is needed in this circuit. We should celebrate judges like Judge Vincent Chiu, not replace him.
Brett RentonShutts & Bowen, LLP
Judge Chiu is an amazing caring compassionate judge who focuses his time and effort on applying the facts of any case before him to the law, while trying to provide care and compassion to everyone that appears before him. Judge Chiu has exemplified the ideals of professionalism on the bench. I fully endorse Judge Chiu to continue to serve on the bench.
Bryan ResnickMorgan & Morgan
Judge Chiu is a great Judge who cares about the citizens of Orange and Osceola County.
C. DeWitt Revels IIIWalker, Revels, Greninger, PLLC
I am proud to endorse Judge Chiu. Judge Chiu is fair, honest, well-prepared and even tempered. He embodies all the qualities we need in a Circuit Judge and I offer my full support in making sure he stays on the bench.
Jose Ramon RodriguezAdjunct Professor of Law/ Former Circuit Judge
As a former judge and current professor of law, I understand what it takes academically as well as the effort that it takes to have the appropriate demeanor. We know Judge Chiu to be an experienced judge, a hard-working judge, and someone who applies the law fairly with an even-handed temperament.
Jonathan RoseJonathan Rose, P.A.
Before taking the circuit bench, Judge Chiu was a long-tenured federal prosecutor. Handling many federal defense cases through the years, I was always impressed by Judge Chiu’s preparedness, legal acumen, calm demeanor, and, above all, fairness. I have practiced in many state, federal, and administrative courts before many judges in my career and Judge Chiu has the traits necessary to both grasp legal issues and implement the law fairly and accurately. He is truly an asset to the judiciary and I am pleased to endorse him for continued service to our community.
Nick RussoMorgan & MorganJudge Chiu is the most qualified and best person for the position!
Nicholas PanagakisMorgan & Morgan, P.A.
Judge Chiu has integrity and compassion, as well as a passion for being a Judge. He is also a fine family man, and exactly the type of person this community needs to keep as our circuit judge.
John SamaanJohn R. Samaan, P.A.
Judge Chiu is smart and fair. He has a good demeanor and is prepared for court. He takes the time to read what has been submitted to him in advance of hearings so everyone’s time in court is used efficiently. We need more judges like him.
Ravin SahadeoMorgan & Morgan, P.A.Judge Chiu is a fair and respectable Judge. I strongly endorse!
Gary S. SalzmanGarganese, Weiss, D’Agresta & Salzman, P.A.
Judge Chiu is one of our finest judges in the Ninth Judicial Circuit. As a board certified lawyer, I recognize and greatly value his exceptional intellect, fairness and integrity. I highly endorse Judge Chiu for re-election as Circuit Judge.
Stephen SambolGarganese Weiss D’Agresta & Salzman, P.A.
I fully endorse Judge Chiu. He has all the great attributes you would want in a judge.
Kelsey SandorMorgan & Morgan
Judge Chiu is and always has been a true pubic servant. He cares about the people of our circuit and has shown compassion and fairness to those who appear in front of him.
Paul L. SanGiovanniMorgan & Morgan, P.A.
As a past president of the Orange County Bar and a former member of the Florida Bar Board of Governors, I care deeply about the quality of the judiciary for our Circuit and State. Judge Chiu has the experience, the intellect and the demeanor to continue to provide well-considered and fair justice to our citizens.
Fritz SchellerFritz Scheller PLHe has demonstrated a commitment to a life of family, values, and fairness.
James SchulteZimmerman Kiser Sutcliffe
Vince is the type of person that we need as a judge. He is highly intelligent, thoughtful, prepared, and humble.
Richard SchwammHaliczer Pettis & Schwamm
Judge Chiu has always shown a willingness to serve, from the time that he was involved in mission trips to help the less fortunate, to serving as an Assistant US attorney and now, as an excellent judge on the bench.
Andrew SearleSearle Law, P.A.
I have known Judge Chiu for almost a decade as both a colleague and a friend. He is an extremely well-qualified judge, who sincerely cares about justice and being fair to all parties who appear before him. Judge Chiu and I worked together for several years as federal prosecutors at the U.S. Attorney’s Office. During that time, Judge Chiu was extremely hard-working, and was always motivated by doing what was right in a given case. Judge Chiu prosecuted and tried several high-profile cases while at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, however, he treated all of his cases, even the small ones, with the utmost importance because he knew that every case impacts a persons’ life and future. Judge Chiu has brought the same characteristics that made him a great prosecutor to the bench. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of the opportunity to continue his judicial service than Judge Chiu.
Joseph H “Sean” ShaughnessyMorgan & Morgan
Judge Chiu is immensely qualified to continue to represent the citizens of Orange County as a Circuit Civil Judge. In my 20 plus years of practice I have had the opportunity to practice in Court’s throughout Florida and interacted with hundreds of judges. Rarely have I encountered a Judge with the background of Judge Chiu. Prior to becoming a judge his professional career was dedicated to helping keep our community safer. From his early days as a prosecutor to his 12 years as an Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) in the Orlando Division of the Middle District of Florida Judge he gained invaluable experience in the courtroom as an advocate prior to taking the bench. Those experiences gave him real world experience on how courtrooms should be run. Judge Chiu’s experience working on significant federal investigations and prosecutions in many different types of cases, including but not limited to child exploitation, hate crimes, international drug trafficking, terrorism, cyber-crime, and white-collar fraud, provided him with a broad understanding of both civil and criminal law. Rarely have I had the opportunity to appear before a judge who possesses such a diverse base of legal knowledge to fall back and rely on when making decisions in the cases before him. Judge Chiu has always put our community and its safety at the forefront of his concerns and whether it was protecting us from possible terrorist attacks or protecting our Jewish friends and neighbors, when they faced hate and threats from people who wished to do them harm, he stepped up and kept us all safe. In light of the above and for many more reasons I strong support and endorse Judge Chiu’s re-election campaign. His experience, knowledge, and disposition make him ideal to continue to serve in his current role. He is a credit to our local judiciary and we are lucky to have him on the bench.
Sean SmallwoodSean Smallwood, P.A.
Judge Chiu has displayed a level of evenhanded wisdom in his family court cases that has earned him the respect of the lawyers who appear in front of him.
James P. Smeriglio IIIMorgan & Morgan
Judge Chiu is qualified, professional, and possesses the experience, knowledge, and demeanor required of a judge.
Coretta Anthony-SmithAnthony-Smith Law, P.A.
Judge Chiu cares about community, fairness and upholding the law. He listens, is attentive to those that appear before him and educates himself on the law and prepares before his hearings. He has all of the qualities a good judge should embody. He is definitely a judge that we need to keep and we need more like him!
Michelle P. SmithLaw Office of Michelle P. Smith, P.A.
Judge Chiu serves our community with integrity, fairness, honor, and a great intellect. He strives to serve and meet out true justice to those who come before him, not only being knowledgable in the law but also being compassionate. It is my honor to endorse Judge Chiu for re-election as Circuit Judge.
Tony SosDellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP
Judge Chiu is smart, compassionate and has a strong desire to serve our community. He has a great temperament and is very thoughtful when it comes to lawyers and parties. I could not be more proud to give him my highest recommendation.
Sharlene StanfordIdignity
Judge Chiu is one of the most authentic and sincere people I have had the pleasure of meeting. He is diligent, dedicated to seeking justice, and serves everyone with dignity and respect. I am confident he will continue to demonstrate integrity, an earnest commitment to his community, and passion in all he does as a member of the Judiciary.
Manuel F. StefanMorgan & MorganGreat member of the community on the bench.
Chris SteinhausMorgan & MorganJudge Chiu is a fair judge and calls and strikes equally for both sides.
Travis StulzMorgan & Morgan, P.A.
Judge Chiu has shown to be fair, knowledgeable and has the integrity to be a Judge.
Jonathan ThomsonMorgan & Morgan
It is important that we keep good, qualified Judges on the Bench like Judge Chiu. There is no doubt he should be retained.
Lissette TorresGreen Family Law, P.A.Great judge!
Adrienn N. TothMorgan & MorganEndorsing Judge Chiu!
Robin TretoPaul Knopf Bigger
I have known Judge Chiu for many years. He is a gifted attorney, a fair and hardworking judge, and an admirable human being. He embodies much of what we all want in the leaders of our judicial system.
William UmanskyUmansky Law Firm
Judge Chiu is a wise person. He came from humble beginnings in the restaurant business. You can tell his parents raised him right because he is not only smart but has the wisdom, patience, temperament and integrity to be an outstanding Jurist. The citizens of the Ninth Circuit are very lucky to have him on the bench. He was a former United States Assistant Attorney and brings a wealth of experience to the bench!
Michael R. VaughnMorgan & MorganA must keep!
Mary WalterLiebler, Gonzalez & Portuondo
Judge Chiu has long been a dedicated public servant. He has the intellect, understanding, and compassion we need in our judiciary, and I am proud to add my endorsement to a long list of supporters.
Ka’Juel Jamal WashingtonThe Washington Trial Group, PLLCJudge Chiu is an excellent judge!
Nancy WeberSasser and Weber, P.A.
Judge Chiu is compassionate and dedicated to serving the citizens of Orange and Osceola Counties. He is always well-prepared, thoughtful and treats all who appear before him with dignity and respect. He has my full support.
David WebsterLaw Offices of David A. Webster, P.A.One of the best judges on the bench!
Jeffrey S. WeissGarganese, Weiss, D’Agresta & Salzman
Judge Chiu has the experience and demeanor to provide exceptional service to our court and the community. I fully support his candidacy.
Billy WielandWieland & DeLattreJudge Chiu has impeccable character, which is what we need in a judge.
Joel WilsonWilson Law Firm
Judge Chiu makes fair, informed decisions and has a pleasant and calm disposition as a Judge.
Nathan WittmanMorgan & Morgan
I endorse Judge Chiu. He is a fair, thoughtful, and conscientious judge who serves the citizens of Orange and Osceola Counties with honor and integrity.
Melvin B WrightColling Gilbert Wright & Carter
Solid reliable ethical knowledgeable jurist who has served and will continue to serve the community at a level of superior quality.
Kenway WongGreater Orlando Asian American Bar Association/Akerman LLP
Judge Chiu is the gold standard of our judiciary. He is driven, balanced, and above all, compassionate. Judge Chiu cares about the community he serves. As the current President of the Greater Orlando Asian American Bar Association, I have seen first-hand Judge Chiu’s commitment to not only the Asian American legal community, but the Bar at-large. Our judiciary is better served with Judge Chiu on the bench.
Michael WoodardMorgan & MorganJudge Chiu is the strongest candidate in the field and man of integrity.
Andrew WindleThe Windle Family Law Firm, P.A.Integrity, knowledge, skill, and most of all, compassion.
Tad A. YatesThe Law Offices of Tad A. Yates
As a former member of the Ninth Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission, I endorse Judge Chiu, whose experience, intellect and demeanor have served the people of Orange and Osceola Counties well.
John ZielinskiNeJame Law
In my one on ones with Judge Chiu, he has expressed his desire to adjudicate cases fairly, expediently and with compassion. All the Best to Judge Chiu and his family.