Ksenia Droben Matchmaking, a premier matchmaking agency led by CEO Ksenia Droben, proudly celebrates over 25 years of bringing singles together worldwide. Since its inception in 1998, the company has been a leader in international matchmaking, offering personalised services to singles across different continents.

Ksenia Droben Matchmaking has earned a stellar reputation, featuring on Germany’s most prominent matchmaking television show for six years. Ksenia Droben, the visionary behind the company, has successfully matched hundreds of couples globally, making her the most successful matchmaker in Europe.

To celebrate 25 years of success, Ksenia hosted a three-day event for singles in Germany from 17-20 May, drawing 120 guests. These events, held regularly, offer a variety of activities designed to foster meaningful connections through enhanced communication. Participants engage in activities that promote deep conversation, ensuring they have ample time to get to know each other, unlike the brief interactions typical of speed dating.

Ksenia’s approach to matchmaking emphasises three key elements:

  • Time to Know Each Other Better: Ensuring participants have sufficient time to form genuine connections.
  • Help Starting Conversations: Providing tools and guidance to help singles overcome communication hurdles.
  • Shared Meals: Believing that dining together is crucial, Ksenia includes shared meals in her events to facilitate bonding.

Looking ahead, Ksenia Droben Matchmaking is excited to announce an exclusive end-of-year retreat set in the picturesque German castle ‘Schloss Dretzel’. This retreat will continue the tradition of creating intimate, engaging environments where singles can connect authentically.

Ksenia’s journey has not been without its challenges. Following a personal setback in 2016, Ksenia faced doubts about her ability to guide others in love. However, she turned this experience into an opportunity for growth. By earning a matchmaking and dating certification from the Matchmaking Institute in New York in 2017, and becoming a member of both the Matchmaking Alliance in New York and the Association of British Introduction Agencies (ABIA), Ksenia has reinforced her expertise and commitment to her craft.

Ksenia has invested over £80,000 in honing her matchmaking skills and knowledge. She offers specialised coaching courses, such as the “Bride School” and “Groom School” for those seeking love, focusing on the essential skill of communication.

As an international speaker, Ksenia shares her insights at conferences worldwide, inspiring other dating professionals with her story and strategies. Her vision is expansive, aiming to involve more countries and create a global community where singles can find love beyond their hometowns.

Ksenia Droben Matchmaking stands as a beacon of hope for singles, providing a safe space for friendship and connection. Ksenia’s message is clear: the world is small, and with 7 billion people, there are endless possibilities for finding love.

For matchmaking and event enquiries, visit www.droben-matchmaking.com or email info@droben-matchmaking.com.