Weddings are a family fun event yet an important event for the couple and their families. This big day needs to be a big celebration. For this, you must get the message of events around in earliest times.

Your save the dates for weddings will get your message around just at the right time. These cards are really helpful and will surely catch your sight. First, select a theme for your wedding and customize the card accordingly. But the question is, when is the right time to send cards?

If you are finding an answer to this question, then you are at the very right place! We have got you covered on that.

When is the best time to send out save the date cards?

Save the date cards may not be the official cards to a wedding, but they are a reminder for your guests to keep the pace of time and make out of their bustling rough routines to be a part of the wedding.

When sending the “save the date” card, the question has its answer only when the date and place of the event are confirmed.

It largely depends upon the type of function. It should be much earlier if you go for a destination wedding and a little later if a local wedding.

Here is how you should proceed in both cases

1)   Save the date for local wedding:

Local weddings are mostly at some nearby hotel or a place near your house. It is a very formal event. But you do not have to send the save the date cards way too early.

The wedding will be somewhere near your house, and the guests do not have to prepare for a theme. You can send your card 6 to 4 months before the wedding. It will be just the perfect time to remind them of the wedding.

2)   Save the date for a destination wedding:

If you have decided to go for a conceptual wedding, you should not sit still and prepare for it from the get-go. A destination wedding like a beach is something you need to tell your guests beforehand to prepare for the concept.

Send beachy save the date-themed card 8 to 11 months before the event. These cards will get your message and wedding concept around in no time.

What are the requirements before sending our “save the date” cards?

Save the date is not just cards with a few inviting lines. It has engraved on it some of the major details of the function.

Following are some points that you need to know before sending out save the date:

1)   Confirmation of date:

As the name save the date card suggests itself, it is actually to ” save the date”  or mark your calendar to attend a certain event. So the date is a necessary thing that needs to be confirmed. You will be writing it over the card so you can not miss out on it.

2)   Confirmation of venue:

Another important thing is the venue. Mentioning a venue will make the concept of your wedding clearer and get the message around more easily. Your guests can easily decide on their dresses.

If these two things are confirmed, you are ready to make your thematic save the date cards and get the message around.

The thing to take care of:

Do not send out save the date cards way too early before the wedding.

If you are about to do that, hold on for a minute!

Sending save the date cards this early will only make your guests indifferent to the event as they will forget about it or could not keep the pace.

A few months before the wedding, selecting an appropriate time to send them out sounds like a good idea. Do not rush or be lethargic. Weddings come once in a while, and it needs to be a memorable moment of life.

summing up:

Weddings are a serious matter of life as two souls tie the knot and make a new start. They should do that in the blessings and presence of their loved ones. So make sure you get the message around inappropriate times to get everyone around you in such important times.