“The chair covers are very important; they are the first thing that people will see when they enter the venue. It will also be where most of them spend their time at.” Said Anya Telfer, who is an experienced chair cover installer, “It’s important to choose chair covers that fit your theme and colour scheme so it doesn’t throw the whole room off.”

Brides have many options when choosing chair covers. If you are having a traditional wedding with either white or cream being one of the main colours in your wedding, then chair covers can be chosen to match these colours. If you’re not having a traditional wedding all coloured chair covers are available for purchase. They can be chosen in any colour or style that best suits your wedding décor.

“If you want chair covers that come down on the chair all the way to the floor then chair cover sashes are required for this look.” Telfer said, “Chair back drapes can be bought or rented and will go from chair to chair with an aisle runner in between each chair placement. Chair bands will go around the back of a chair and tie on one side of the chair backs.”

You may choose to only have chair covers at your head table or not have any at all if you plan to use a table cloth instead. This is common for receptions held outdoors where chair covers would only get dirty from people constantly standing up and sitting down during dinner service. On a side note – using tablecloths on chair covers is not recommended.

A few more of the many chairs cover types:

Chair bands go around the back of a chair and tie on one side chair backs. You might want to consider chair bands if your theme or colour scheme has more than 2 colours that blend into each other because chair bands can be any colour and tied in a bow of your choice. They can also include embellishments such as rhinestones, beads, etc. Chair sashes come in all different colours and styles such as satin sashes, organza sashes or chiffon sashes which will help create an overall look for the room based on the themes you have chosen for your wedding. They tie in front at the top of a chair and chair covers that go to the floor, chair sashes will be required for this look if you plan to have chair covers all the way down. Chair cuffs are chair covers that go from one side of a chair from top to bottom. They would require chair ties and chair sashes if you want them to match perfectly with your chair cover colour scheme and theme… But even without these two items they can also stand alone in a room depending on how many colours your wedding is made up of.

Chair back drapes hang from each chair going all the way across each aisle runner which is usually found between every other chair.

Chair back drapes at our photo shoot

Table cloth chair covers are put over a chair cover, sometimes it can still fit but most of the time they are usually way too big and wrinkled. If you plan to have table cloths there is also no need for chair sashes because the tablecloth will touch the floor anyways so why bother with chair sashes?


Chair covers are a very important part of the wedding décor. They add to the overall look of the room whether it is modern, rustic, vintage, country or traditional. There are several types chair covers that you can choose from and chair ties required for chair cover installation. You may use table cloths in place of chair covers but don’t expect chair covers to fit properly. Visit your local party rental store and discuss your chair cover wants and needs for outdoor chair covers with the sales representatives because they will be the best source of chair cover knowledge for your wedding day.

Chair covers are an important part of your wedding décor. Try to have chair covers that match with your colour scheme and theme but also try chair covers that stand alone in a room depending on how many colours your wedding is made up of because one way or another it WILL be a factor in the overall appearance of the room.