Interior design can be so fun! With a limitless amount of creativity and innovation to be had, really, the only difficulty lies in deciding what style you want to go for. Home decorating styles are so varied and diverse, with the ability to mix-and-match aesthetics, that you need to take quite some time to think about how you want your home to look! Fortunately, we’re here to introduce you to some of the finest, simple but stunning home decorating styles – hopefully, this helps you out in deciding what interior suits you best.

Farmhouse, with a modern twist

The farmhouse style is an unfamiliar concept to many, as it’s intentionally rustic! In an age of contemporary new homes, this beautiful style is slipping under the radar. However, it can bring the perfect balance of timelessness and future tech into the home. Elements at the heart of this design include exposed wood beams, brick fireplaces and rough hewn surfaces. The ‘farmhouse, with a modern twist’ look is all about well-loved charm, without missing out on any of the recent smart home technology that makes living easy. And, if in future, you want something a little more updateable, just add a geometric rug or modern standing lamp! Adaptable, and attractive.

Escape to the French country

Traditional, chic, elegant and elevated: these four characteristics define the French Country style of living. Borne from the beautiful, bespoke country hills of France, French Country is extremely ornamental: with graceful lighting, traditional patterns, and artistic application of asymmetry. Mismatched furniture and areas of rough or uneven texture make for interesting, chic room designs. Colours often used are tame: light blues, creams, beiges and whites.

Industrial Style

Raw, rugged and metallic: the Industrial Style is perfect for those who love exposed brickwork and iron, stone or concrete floors and massive, airy, open plan spaces. Industrial design is about finding sophistication amongst this ruggedness, and having fun with a range of outside-the-box textures. For example, mix-and-match stone flooring, exposed brick and woodwork all in one space! If you don’t want to take the Industrial Style to an extreme, consider metal desk legs for your working space – a touch of metal can go a long way.

Visit the Mediterranean…or bring it into your home!

A Mediterranean style is relaxed, bordering on minimalist, but with a few indulgent flourishes! Blues, browns and earthy colours lie at the heart of this style; any shade that reminds you of a Mediterranean beach, really. The sun, sea and sand are the main influences here, and make for beautiful rooms that are more sanctuaries than anything else! Natural, organic materials like a woven or braided rug make a lot of difference here, too. Strong, ornamental patterns can be used in bedding, cushions, tables and even a headboard.

Art Deco

When many people think of Art Deco, they immediately think of the Roaring Twenties! This would be very appropriate, as Art Deco envelops the glamour of architecture, painting and sculpture – all wrapped up in a neat, interior design style! Distinguished by bold geometric patterns, gold finishes, elaborate lighting and unique furniture design, Art Deco is both ostentatious and fun; the perfect choice for a homeowner looking to ‘jazz’ up their property.

Full Vintage

If you’re a lover of the old school, why not go the whole way and design your home entirely vintage? Full vintage is a style for the eclectic interior design lover, with a vibrant combination of certified vintage and antique pieces that imbue character into the home. Nostalgia permeates vintage spaces, with fond memories of times gone past. Some fun vintage pieces to include could be an old-style vanity, antique chandelier or period artwork.