Larimar Jewelry

This gemstone offers a beautiful blue shade to give you some high vibrational energies through this creation. This bluestone of Atlantis is the ultimate mixture of air, water, and sea, which in turn produces the magic and extraordinary abilities of healing. When it comes to the abundance of this stone, then larimar jewelry comes in one of the rare varieties, thus holding a little part of the earth. This gem is made of pectolite, a white-grey mineral that consists of sodium-calcium hydroxide, basically a rare variety of pectolite.

What’s makes the origin of this gem unique is the limited abundance in the Dominican Republic. And is largely extracted from one mine, Los checheses in the Caribbean. We believe that the beauty of larimar jewelry excels more profoundly in the jewelry, which can certainly create a strong impact. This stone also enhances the inner vision by activating the chakras to play their role.

The uniqueness of these jewelry pieces, especially when combined with precious metals like gold, can make them highly sought-after, and you always have the option of reselling them for excellent prices to a well-established jewelry buyer in Chandler.

Opal Jewelry

The fire of opal jewelry comes from the combination of silica, which is the reason for strong color play. This stone magnifies the beauty of stone through its different play of shades and magnificent abilities. The value of this gem is highly decided on the basis of its color intensity. This suggests that darker ones have good worth than lighter shades of opal. Opals can develop striking one-of-a-kind pieces to enhance your wholesale opal jewelry collection. Also, this incredible stone comes in a variety of types such as, boulder, fire opals, black opals, and many others. With a considerable amount of shine and structure, which has a certain fire, your demand for opal jewelry will easily sort.

Agate Jewelry

Jewelry collectors are completely in awe of the discovery of Agate jewelry. As this discovery of drillio river comes in the striking band patterns and rustic hues of agate, which enthuse the minds of almost every buyer. But despite its characteristics, the overall formation of this gem catches the attention of designers and semi-precious stone lovers. This stone belongs to the cryptocrystalline quartz and is appreciated for having transparency, inclusions, shades, and composition.

Moreover, it effortlessly showcases the beautiful hues through a variety of minerals. Some of them are nickel, iron oxide, chromium, and titanium.  The perfect finish intensifies the appearance of every design and serves as a plus attribute for artists who love forming unique crafts out of this stone.

Moonstone Jewelry

This stone’s shine and milky presence sumps up the demand for gemstone freaks with its surreal presence. The insanity of people is getting stronger towards this stone which looks even better when worn in the form of moonstone jewelry. The adulrasesnce of moonstone makes it a more worthy gemstone to invest in the coming years. And how can one resist the pearly facade, colorful approach, and moon’s blessing.

The blue sheen, cat eye’s effect are other remarkable aspects of wearing this gem over any other precious stones. Indeed even this can be a perfect gem for your wedding sagas through its gleaming evergreen effect. These different colors of moonstone display the versatile approach of being compatible with any outfit or other gems.

Moldavite Jewelry

The discovery of this gem is interesting in itself to upgrade your wholesale gemstone collection. This blissful gem has been the top-notch priority for ancient souls who love the grace of accumulating greenish beauty. Moldavite jewelry is truly admirable in every sense for gemstone freaks, and in terms of abundance, the Czech Republic holds the quantity. The praiseworthy features are desirable enough in terms of their beautiful color and formation. Moldavite belongs to the tektite group, with the toughness varying from 5-7 on the scale. And this durability adds more to the purchasing factor for retailers. But with its rarity comes the point of authenticity, which is essential for every buyer to check twice. And to ensure that, one needs to be sound of the color, texture, air bubbles, and wavy inclusions.

Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry

This captivating yellow stone makes a huge difference in the gemstone market through its look and rough desert texture. This stone includes a mix of sand and wind, which makes it even more noticeable when worn in the Libyan desert glass pendant or ring. This stone comes in the main tone of yellow with 6.5-7 hardness. It precisely has a glass-like structure and looks incredible in the combination of 925 sterling silver material. This tektite gem is not moldavite or its family but might be similar in some stance. You may judge your Libyan desert glass jewelry on the aspects of worm-like inclusions, air bubbles, and color.

Where to Buy these Trending Gemstones?

Now after knowing about the features and powers of these gemstones, the question of purchasing them comes on the top. And to build your beautiful wholesale gemstone jewelry, then Rananjay Exports fulfills the demand of every retailer with ultimate authenticity and comfort.