It is fascinating every time a new musician takes over the world and overthrows the older generations, proving that there is always something new out there. There are many interesting new singers and performers, and they are the main reason fans want a ticket broker right away to get their passage for the next tour. And this is understandable since some of them really make impressive performances every time they hit the stage. The fact that they are young gives a higher motivation to prove to everyone in the world that they belong among the best of the best.

The list may be countless, but not many of them can be considered the best, and since it is not easy to pick one, we will see the top three musicians from the younger generation. So let’s get into it.

Billie Eilish

Probably number one on the list without a doubt, Billie Eilish is 19 years old, whether you believe it or not. She literally isn’t old enough to enter some of the United States nightclubs, yet she sings all across the world with her own songs. Eilish is one of the most authentic people on the planet, and you can quickly notice that in any of her interviews where she always tries to be herself. In essence, Eilish does not care a lot about what other people think of her music and stage appearances, which is the best way to approach a music career today.

Eilish has released two studio albums by now, four extended plays, and 29 singles. Even though extremely young and at the beginning of her career, she already has sold more than five million albums and 41 million digital singles. Of course, it is well deserved since she also has an authentic voice, and experts say that she is a soprano which is above the standard female pop alto. Last but not least, Eilish has a unique dressing style and is included in many different charity foundations. One thing is for sure, Billie Eilish will rule the music industry for many years to come.


Another musician from the younger generation that deserves credit is Khalid, who is an American singer. As a kid, he used to travel a lot since he is from a military family environment, and taking a musical path seems to be a great decision. He has already released two studio albums, and his third one, ‘’Everything Is Changing’’ is on the way. Khalid has been nominated for numerous awards and has sold more than five million records all across the globe. Hitting the music charts at high peaks right away transformed him into a worldwide music superstar from a typical teenager.

He also collaborated with the queen of pop music Billie Eilish. His excellent music style motivated critics to compare him with legendary performers like James Blake and Frank Ocean. Khalid’s music genre is part of the pop music and R&B genres, and one of his most significant advantages is that he is considered a baritenor, a mix of baritone and tenor singing ranges. He also is one of the singers that became extremely popular in recent years and will rule the world more and more as time goes on. Such singing abilities don’t come often in the music industry, especially not these days.


Last but not least, the oldest of the three, but still part of the younger generation of musicians, is the American rapper Phora. He is also known as a great record producer and has released five studio albums until now, an album a year almost. Phora has many music videos for numerous songs and has collaborated with performers such as Mozzy, Terrace Martin, Kruk One, among others.

He loves to involve the audience when performing live and is always close to them while rapping on the stage. Phora’s highest rank on peak chart positions is at number five on the Billboard Top Rap Albums with his mixtape titled ‘’With Love’’ that was released back in 2016. His father persuaded him to try the music world, and he definitely made the right decision and started to be interested in a rap career when he was seven years old.

He may not be as popular worldwide as the previous singers on this list, but he is getting there step by step. And in today’s world, where there are many rappers from Generation Z, it is an enormous success to be considered one of the best.

Final Words

Here you had the chance to see the top three musicians from the younger generation that are already highly successful. No matter the choice of a music genre, it is undeniable that these three performers are outstanding. And when musicians like these announce a tour, tickets are sold out pretty quickly. So don’t waste any more time and buy tickets for their show to create some of the best memories in your entire life.