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As many Americans begin planning for their first (almost) post-COVID holiday, seven in 10 believe it will be one for the books. 

A new survey of 2,000 Americans (21+) sought to find how important Americans’ “firsts” are and how they’re making new memories ahead of their first (almost) post-COVID holiday. 

Sixty-seven percent of respondents said this holiday season will be special to them and their families due to the limitation of the pandemic.

Three in five respondents said their families are looking forward to connecting this holiday season because they haven’t spent much time together since the Coronavirus outbreak first started.

Furthermore, 60% of those polled are taking this holiday season as an opportunity to try new things with their families to make up for lost time.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Firstleaf Wine Club, the survey found 82% of respondents agreed there’s nothing more memorable than experiencing something for the first time.

When it comes to the holidays specifically, hosting a holiday for the first time on their own was the most memorable first (39%), followed by decorating their own home for the most wonderful time of the year (38%).

Other memories topping the holiday list included the first holiday spent with a significant other (37%), their first time celebrating the holidays solo (33%) and their first holiday with a child (32%).

After reflecting on all these fond memories, it’s no surprise that 71% of respondents wish they could experience these “firsts” all over again.

“As we quickly approach the two-year mark of the pandemic, we realize how important it is to enjoy the little things in life,” said Philip James, Founder and CEO of Firstleaf. “Firsts present new experiences and open the door to moments of exploration and discovery. The survey shows that Americans are eager to come together again, and we look forward to helping them celebrate life’s everyday firsts”.

To bring back these moments of joy, 66% of respondents said they’re interested in trying a new experience this holiday season and 63% specifically want to expand their flavor palette this holiday season and try new foods.

In fact, trying a new cuisine (38%) was one of the top things respondents want to do in the next year, followed by becoming more wine savvy (28%).

“The holidays are the perfect time to start a new tradition, try something new, or step outside your comfort zone,” added James. “With 73% of respondents sharing that they believe you should always bring a bottle of wine to gift your holiday host, this is the perfect opportunity to discover new favorites with Firstleaf, where there’s always a new first waiting to be uncorked!”


  1. First job (49%)
  2. First love (48%)
  3. First kiss (45%)
  4. First pet (41%)
  5. First car (38%)
  6. First concert (35%)
  7. First best friend (34%)
  8. First apartment/home on your own (32%)
  9. First trip abroad/internationally (29%)
  10. First night out after your 21st birthday (26%)
  11. First cell phone (25%)
  12. First paycheck (24%)
  13. First computer (23%)
  14. First day of college (23%)
  15. First day of high school (22%)
  16. First time riding a bike (22%)
  17. First time voting (21%)


  1. First time hosting a holiday yourself (39%)
  2. First time decorating your own home for the holidays (38%)
  3. First holiday with a significant other (37%)
  4. First time buying a Christmas tree (36%)
  5. First holiday spent by yourself (33%)
  6. First holiday with a child (32%)
  7. First time drinking wine at a family gathering/holiday (32%)
  8. First holiday as an adult (29%)
  9. First time drinking egg nog at a family gathering/holiday (28%)
  10. First holiday in a new home (27%)
  11. First holiday with the in-laws (21%)
  12. First holiday with a pet (20%)
  13. First time sitting at the “grown-ups” table at a holiday (18%)

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