Eye diseases are increasing all over the world and require medical attention as it complicates patient’s lives.

  • Cases of eye defect in Dubai– 62.6%, with several dry eyes being the most prevalent 42%.
  • The daily screen time is found to be greater than 6 hours for females, and the use of contact lenses is found to be associated with dry eyes.

Age is found to be negatively related to the prevalence of dry exposure to smoking/ shisha. The majority of the participants have severe dry eye symptoms in Dubai, UAE. Eye defects are turning genetic; as a result, infants and babies are also prone to eye diseases. Highly qualified pediatric eye doctors in Dubai are required to cure the same.

Eye pediatrician in Dubai 

The Orbit eye centre is a leading paediatric optical surgery centre in Dubai. It works under the leadership of Dr Walid M. Abdallah. It is equipped with the latest technologies, a team of highly qualified experienced staff committed to providing exceptional eye care with international standards.

It offers to treat strabismus, visual acuity assessment, red-eye inflammation and vision therapy in children. All paediatrics services are assisted with advanced technologies, comprehensive assessments, a multi-disciplinary approach and exceptionally high care.

The leader of this medical care centre is Dr Walid M. Abdallah. He is a consultant ophthalmologist, pediatric ophthalmologist specialist and oculoplastic surgeon who has four fellowships. He has a bachelor in medicine and general surgery and a master’s degree in ophthalmology from Alexandra University.

Facility to book an online appointment is also available. One just needs to submit their email id, phone number and name to book an appointment.

Statistics of eye defects in Dubai 

Let us look at the assessment to the extent of visual impairment and ocular morbidity in school-going children aged 5 – 18 years in Dubai.

Visual problems are common among school-going children. When a survey was taken among 2,66,343 students in Dubai, it was seen that there were 18,008 cases of visual disorders in the 2015-2016 academic year. Refractive errors like myopia, hypermetropia were the most common.

It was observed that the most significant preventable risk of visual disorders in children is maternal smoking.

Why is going early to an eye pediatrician important?

The risk of progression of myopia continues through the school years. Visual skills of children might decide the future so it is important to look attentively into this matter. Early detection of eye defects in children is important to continue their learning.

For instance, you might notice that your child is facing difficulty in learning to roll over, crawl, walk, speak and be social with others.

How does poor vision affect learning?

Children with a visual learning problem will typically read slower and confuse similar-looking words because they can’t properly see the text. So, children with poor vision often read poorly. They may struggle to keep up with class assignments.

Early detection of eye defects in children is important as they are the ones to be the pioneers of the future