Many people believe that they would take a long time to heal after plastic surgery. However, that doesn’t have to be true all the time! Firstly, if you get the procedure done by the best plastic surgeon, you can expect timely recovery with no issues. Meanwhile, you can follow these simple tips that would help you in a speedy recovery.

7 Ways to recover faster after a plastic surgery

  • Timely Medication

Timely medication prescribed by your plastic surgeon is a must no matter how good you feel already. Even if you think the pain is tolerable, do not miss any doses of your prescribed pain killers. If you continue enduring pain, it can cause high blood pressure leading to bruising or other complications with your recovery.

  • Avoid banned substances

Plastic surgery is intensive; therefore, many usually safe products can be dangerous or inhibit healing. For instance, everyday medicinal substances such as green tea, turmeric, etc., can increase the risk of bleeding after surgery! Other herbs or supplements might interact with anaesthesia or pain medications leading to complications.

Usually, it is recommended to avoid a list of “banned substances” for at least two weeks before and after surgery, but follow whatever your surgeon has told.

  • Don’t be a couch potato.

We understand that resting is a huge part of recovery. However, many of the medicines and narcotics are given to you during your surgery and recovery can cause constipation. Therefore, gear up a little and try moving around, such as taking short walks around the house and increasing your fluid uptake.

  • Healthy Diet, Healthy You

Although you might feel an appetite shift after surgery, you need to continue to eat adequate and healthy food. Incorporate lots of protein and carbs in your diet so that your body can use them to heal and repair itself. In addition, if you want to take any vitamins, please consult your plastic surgeon before taking them.

  • Say no to smoking and vaping.

Your body needs ambient rest and energy to heal properly after plastic surgery. Avoid smoking until your surgeon gives you a green flag. The best way to recover fast is to stop smoking completely for a while. Smoking/vaping can severely impair your body’s ability to heal, can promote bruising and can cause other complications.

  • Do not overdo it

Staying active and moving around is a good thing, but do not overdo it suddenly. Avoid workouts, lifting or engaging in strenuous activities until you have been cleared to do so by your plastic surgeon. 

  • Follow up appointments

Do not miss a single follow-up appointment, no matter how lazy you feel after the surgery. Your surgeon needs to monitor your progress to ensure that your body is healing correctly or if they need to make any adjustments/additions to your post-op care periodically.

Following your doctor’s advice and taking care of yourself is the best way to heal after plastic surgery. The best plastic surgeon on Harley Street always makes sure you get the best pre-treatment and post-treatment medications and advice for successful plastic surgery.

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